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General Questions

My Business Doesn’t Seem to Be on Your List—How Can I Get My Company to be Listed on TopResearched?

Our researchers do their best to find, collect, and analyze every business, organization, and expert in each industry that we study. If you think we missed you, please fill out our Contact Form and we’ll be happy to have our team look at your company to see if it qualifies to be on our top expert lists!

What are Your Featured Placements and Advertising About?

If your business or organization is already listed on TopResearched, you can further enhance your visibility with our Featured Placements and Advertising options. This can place your business at the forefront of our lists so that you’ll be the first that our readers see when they’re searching for experts of your respective industry.

I See My Business on Your List, But Some of the Info Has Become Outdated. How Can I Update My Business Information?

No worries! Use our Contact Form to let us know what you would like updated about your business or organization, and we’ll get it done. We always want our readers to have the most up-to-date information on the businesses and experts that appear on our lists, so your updated information will be most appreciated!

Is It Free to Be Listed on TopResearched?

Of course! Just by providing amazing services to your customers and giving them memorable customer experiences, you’re doing what you need to make your way onto our top expert lists. We only list the best of the best, and that will always be determined by how well a business serves their customers and how well their customers regard those businesses. The only time you need to pay for anything is if you wish to take advantage of our advertising or featured placement options.

Our Selection Process

How Does Your Double-Selection Process Work?

With our team of researchers, we first begin by gathering industry experts who meet a certain set of initial criteria including proximity to the center of the local area, the presence of customer feedback, and determining their Reputation score. Once those industry experts have been collected, we then begin the second phase of selection as we rigorously compare each industry expert to each other, further analyzing them, verifying them, and eliminating those that lose out until we’ve distilled the absolute best from the rest, creating one of our top expert lists as a result.

You List Five Metrics including Reputation, Experience, and Accessibility. Are There Any Unlisted Factors That You Consider?

Certainly! During the initial phase of our double-selection process, we also take into consideration factors such as if an organization is devoid of customer feedback for analysis, if an industry expert has received reprimanding by their licensing organization, and if an expert’s availability to meet their customers is affected by the use of a shared office or virtual office. Our research team performs these thorough checks and verifications because we want you to be able to find the businesses that would treat you the same as we would like to be treated!

Why Is Reputation Important?

Our Reputation Metric plays a part in both the Selection Process and in providing you a quick snapshot of an industry expert’s reliability, service quality, and trustworthiness. With our Reputation ranks of Excellent, Good, Average, and Bad, we’re able to automatically weed out those that rank Bad before we begin comparing and eliminating those of Excellent, Good, and Average, until we have the absolute top winners placed on our list.

Why Might My Business Not Be Selected? How Can I Get My Business Selected?

At TopResearched, we construct our lists based purely on the data. If a business does not meet our research criteria, such as our quantity threshold for positive customer feedback or too-low accessibility to meet the needs of our readers, your business might not pass into the second stage of our selection process. If your business did make it into the second phase, it may not have qualified higher than some of your competitors. The best way to make it onto our list is to continue providing quality customer service, pursue the heights of achievement in your industry—and if you think we might’ve simply overlooked your company, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to have our team assess your company to see if it’s earned a place on our list!

Advertising Options

How Can I Give My Business Further Exposure to TopResearched Readers?

If your business has been listed on our site, we also offer Featured Placement options that can have your business name placed at the forefront of those lists, making sure that our readers see your company before any others and increasing your chances of increasing your customer base. We also include other advertising options that can help with getting your business name out there, increasing brand awareness amongst our many TopResearched readers.

Is There a Way to Keep My Business at the Top of the Featured Placements?

All businesses in an industry that become a featured name are listed on TopResearched in alphabetical order. All the same, just like with the other Featured Placements, your Featured business will be amongst the first our readers see before they begin reading the main list. Since our lists are very exclusive, numbering in less than 10 per list, you can be sure that your business will be catching the eyes of more potential customers and clients.