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Founded by consumers and business owners just like you.

TopResearched was formed by a coalition of people just like you who wanted to find a way to cut through the noise of the internet and discover the best industry experts of various fields in a reliable way. We’re a team of business owners and consumers with the same goal: to find the very experts in your area that we’d trust to hire ourselves. But to do that, we had to develop a method of research and verification that would better filter out the chaff and leave us with a distilled collection of reliable and trustworthy professionals. That’s how TopResearched works its magic!
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Time is precious, and as the internet gets more and more crowded, searching for the experts you need with a conventional search engine is getting messier and more complicated. Our easy-to-read lists of top experts make finding those experts less of a lengthy chore, so that you can get down to business faster. Life shouldn’t be spent with hours on a search engine. Keep on the move as TopResearched does all the searching for you!
Even still, we are always looking for ways to further improve the way we gather, filter, and select the top experts in your area because the world and the way of searching is always evolving. That’s what brought us together to form TopResearched in the first place! We are the next step in the evolution of finding the right industry experts for the jobs that you have need of them.

The TopResearched Difference

Skip the runaround with the help of TopResearched! Through our consumer-centered, double-selection research methods, we can make sure that our lists provide only the best experts in your area. Our organization is built by consumers and business owners just like you, people who have a job that needs done and who don’t have the time to spend hours or days looking through search engine results.

Here’s some of the reasons why TopResearched is unlike your traditional search engine, and how we can keep your search times to a minimum:

  • Two phases of analysis and verification ensure reliable listings of industry experts.
  • We use a comprehensive suite of ranking categories to provide a solid snapshot of an industry expert before you even make a phone call.
  • Our researchers are consumers just like you who want to find experts that they can trust—you’re always getting the names that we’d entrust with our own business.
  • Don’t go in blind. We do more than research names—we believe in consumer education and provide valuable information that can help you better interpret aspects of certain industries, so that you can choose a listed expert with open eyes and a prepared mind.

For those who are interested in having their business displayed on our site, there are ways that TopResearched can help your business ascend to greater heights:

  • Boost your advertising power with our featured placements and other options!
  • Watch your business grow! Qualifying for our lists puts you in front of the eyes of thousands who are looking for industry experts like you. Our lists are limited to the absolute top of the line. Unlike other search engines and list providers, we cut down our qualifiers to less than 10, so that our readers face less indecision and get more business done.

It can be intimidating to hire the services of a business that you’re not familiar with. But with TopResearched, you can skip the uncertainty and save time with the help of our listed recommendations, which are backed up by the reviews and experiences of customers just like you!