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Workplace Harassment

Video Game Giant Blizzard Entertainment in Harassment Lawsuit

The company is currently under fire for having allowed or enabled the exposure of certain parts of their workforce to discrimination, harassment, and horrible working conditions—mainly, these awful actions have been done to the women of the company, but also to employees who represent marginalized communities. Now, a lawsuit is being filed because of the way it has developed a culture that has mistreated both women and individuals of minorities.

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Importance of Dog Vaccination

5 Canine Diseases That Vaccinations Can Fight

Dogs are our most loyal companions and some of the cuddliest of pets. But like we humans, our furry four-legged best friends are vulnerable to their own set of diseases—diseases that can impair their wellbeing or even cut short their lives. Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at some of the dangerous diseases that our pups can experience if they don’t stay updated with their vaccines!

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Importance of Cat Vaccination

5 Feline Diseases That Can Be Beaten by Vaccines

Not even having nine lives can defend your cat against deadly feline diseases. There are a variety of diseases, but common to mammals and unique to cats, that can cause our cuddly kitties great harm and even death. But fortunately, there are ways to defend our feline pals against these illnesses, thanks to the power of vaccines.

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