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Ranked as one of the top places to live by CNN Money, the CDP of Columbia is the second most populated community in the state of Maryland, topped only by Baltimore. Within the community are 10 villages that together form the whole CDP, and a variety of businesses have found their homes within Columbia to provide employment opportunities and to bolster Columbia’s economy.
The communities of Columbia as well as neighboring Baltimore give residents access to a number of federal government employers, large corporate employers, and a plethora of small businesses that provide shopping, food services, and other important services to the people of Columbia and its surrounding areas. When you need to find a top expert in Columbia, you can skip the days on search engines and instead find the best firms and specialists already listed for you on TopResearched. We use our own double-selection process to ensure that only the best ever get featured on our lists, so that you don’t have to do the detective work yourself!

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About Columbia, Maryland

The communities of Columbia like to call themselves “The Next America”, and for good reason! The CDP of Columbia was designed to provide a place that encouraged better living while breaking down the walls of racial, economic, and religious segregation—an embodiment of the American ideal. Now, over 100,000 people live within Columbia’s borders and it has grown to become an incredibly diverse space with all sorts of ethnic cultures living together. Economically, the CDP has become the home of large companies such as PetMeds, MICROS Systems, Martek Biosciences, and Maggie Moo’s back when it was its own independent company. Additionally, people in Columbia have access to federal employers such as the US Department of Defense, and other government jobs based in neighboring Baltimore.
Columbia is a community that treasures the performative arts, with a collection of theaters such as the Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts, Toby’s Dinner Theatre, and the Merriweather Post Pavilion. The community also provides programs for residents to learn more about the arts such as through lectures provided by the locally created Candlelight Concert Society, helping continue the love of the arts throughout the villages of Columbia. Outside of the arts, Columbia is also known for its annual nationally known Rev3 Triathlon.
While Columbia residents have to go to surrounding areas to find a four-year college program, Columbia is not without educational opportunities provided by major names such as the University of Maryland, the University of Phoenix, and the Lincoln College of Technology. These and several other higher educational institutions have established facilities of their own within what’s called the Columbia Gateway Business Park. There is also the Howard Community College, which serves the residents of Howard County—its main campus is based in Columbia itself, and it has since developed two satellite campuses to provide better access to their two-year degree programs and more.
Columbia is only growing larger and more diverse each year, and with its access to a diverse variety of businesses both in and around the CDP, finding the kind of business you want is easy. However, finding the right company or firm in that field of business is another matter! No two offices or firms are equal, and if you’re trying to find the best, it can take hours or days to find them. TopResearched makes the search easy by bringing the absolute best experts in Columbia straight to you in the form of our convenient and easy-to-read lists. Our researchers use stringent ranking criteria and a double-selection process to collect, analyze, and compare the companies in your area, ultimately separating the best from the rest before featuring them on our site!
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