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There will be times that you may need to leave the home for an extended period of time. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, you’ll need some way to ensure that your pets are being cared for, fed, and given the loving attention they need so that they won’t get anxious from your absence. While there are many boarding facilities that offer a place for your pet to stay, it is the ones that offer exceptional service and accommodations that your fuzzy companions deserve. At TopResearched, we love our pets just as much as you love yours, and our researchers have looked all over to find the best pet boarding places in and around your local areas, so that you can make sure that your furry buddies are given the comfort, fun, and love that they need to stay content until you’ve returned from your trip. Using our own double-selection process and our set of stringent ranking criteria, we make sure that only the best pet boarding establishments ever make it onto our list, so that your pets are treated to the best experience possible!

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The TopResearched Selection Process

We find the industry experts in your area through a double-selection process of research, comparison, and verification. During the first stage, we gather the experts based on a single industry in your area that match our preliminary standards. Then, for the second stage, we use our stringent rating criteria to begin further separating the highest ranked from the rest collected. This helps make sure that you’re only seeing the best of the best industry experts in your area!
Here’s a breakdown of the rating criteria that our researchers use to sort the best from the rest before placing them into our curated lists:

From average review scores to client stories and service results, we determine the trustworthiness and reliability.


We verify that the experts you’re working with are truly experienced in their field and have the expertise to meet your needs.

Awards and Qualifications

Some local experts stand above the rest because of their accomplishments, knowledge and education.


An industry expert that cares is one that’s there for you. We search for every means that an industry expert may be contacted.


Depending on the industry that you’re looking for, we also analyze your local experts based on industry-specific factors.

Compare Providers

Browse through curated list of industry-specific TopResearched selected local expert providers, ready for you to contact.

Your Furry Companions Deserve a Happy Boarding Experience, Let TopResearched Help You Provide That!

Pet boarding facilities typically include at least these three things: food, walks, and a place to sleep. But it is how these pet boarding facilities offer these as well as other services that makes them stand out from the others. After all, your pet needs more than just the bare necessities. They need stimulation, interaction with loving humans, and a comfortable environment that helps them relax in your absence, so that they won’t be stressed for prolonged periods of time while they waiting to see you once again. Playtime and exercise with fellow animals or with a human can provide the fun and distraction your pet needs to stay happy, but for others, sometimes your pet might need a nice, safe space to wander and explore. These are just some factors of a pet boarding place that you may want to think about while deciding on a pet boarding place. Thankfully, TopResearched is here to help you find the right pet boarding place! Using our double-selection process and our rigid ranking criteria to assess and analyze each pet boarding place, our researchers are able to ensure that you’ll only find the absolute top pet boarding places in your local area, that have the features that your pet will need to stay relaxed and happy while you’re out and away.
Pet boarding places are supposed to be safe havens for your pet to stay healthy and content while you’re out of your house for an extended time. But the accommodations that they offer can make all the difference between a good pet boarding place and an exceptional one. That’s why TopResearched assesses each pet boarding place for factors such as what animals they take in, what kinds of special features and accommodations they offer, and also the kinds of rates and packages that they offer. With out process of research, analysis, and comparison, our researchers are able to relay to you a pet boarding place’s reputation, their selection of services, and if they offer anything to enhance your pet’s stay. With our lists, you won’t need to worry about any guesswork, and instead you can get straight to scheduling your pet’s luxurious stay at one of our featured pet boarding places!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Makes a Top Pet Boarding Place?

Before a pet boarding facility can get featured on our lists, they must first qualify through our requirements based on our stringent ranking criteria. They also will have to go up against the other pet boarding places that qualify and survive our double-selection process where only the best ones make it, and the rest are eliminated from our selection. At TopResearched, we care about our pets as much as you do about yours—we want all pets to be given the best treatment possible, and that includes while they’re under the care of others while you’re away. Let TopResearched do the hard work and find your pet boarding solution!

Can My Pet Boarding Place Be on TopResearched?

Certainly! But it will need to be assessed the same way that the rest of our featured pet boarding places were analyzed. If you’re a new pet boarding facility, or you think we might have overlooked your pet boarding place, please give us a call and we’d be happy to assess your pet boarding facility to see if it earns a spot on our TopResearched lists!

What Rating Metrics Do You Use?

Our researchers use a variety of metrics to ensure that each featured pet boarding place fulfills the requirements for what makes a satisfactory and enriching place for your pet to stay. We analyze each facility for their public reputation, the types of animals accommodate, their types of rates and service packages, their accessibility, and of course, what extra services they offer to further enhance your pet’s stay so that they’re kept happy and content.

I Was a Client of a Top Pet Boarding Place, Can I Tell You About My Experience?

Of course! The stories and experiences of customers play a large part in how we determine which pet boarding places should be featured—after all, we’d want our pets to be just as happy as your pets are. Let us know how your experience was at a Top Pet Boarding Place, so that we can make sure our curated lists remain up-to-date on who truly is the best!