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About Irvine, California

Situated in Orange County, the city of Irvine is a master-planned community that about 287,000 residents call home. The city is well known for also being the home of a number of technology companies, including those in the semiconductor business. Some of those companies include Blizzard Entertainment, In-N-Out Burger, Meade Instruments, and Taco Bell. On several occasions, Irvine has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States, one of the best-run cities, and one of the happiest communities in the nation, by publications such as CNN Money, Business Week, and 24/7 Wall Street.
As mentioned before, the city is home to quite a number of entertainment companies from Blizzard Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment to the overseas division offices of Atlus Co. and Sega. But along with the video gaming industry having a focus in this city, Irvine is also a place that welcomes the film industry, having in the past been used for the filming of movies such as Ocean’s Eleven, A Scanner Darkly, and Poltergeist. The city government even offers free or lower-costing permits for those interested in using Irvine as a filming location. Today, the economy of Irvine continues to grow thanks to a huge growth of start-up companies and technology companies continuing to move in.
Phoenix is also home to one of the ten most busy airports in all the USA with the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. For those staying within the city, the Valley Metro provides train and bus services for public transportation, so that everyone may enjoy the various parts of the city. For higher education opportunities, prospective students can find a higher education degree from Arizona State University, which has multiple campuses all throughout the city including one for its College of Medicine. Students may also pursue a degree at the for-profit University of Phoenix, which is known for its in-person campuses and online programs available all throughout the USA.
Irvine has a fine reputation for having a higher-than-average number of doctoral degree holders living within the city. It may be no surprise, as Irvine is home to a great number of universities including the University of California (Irvine), Concordia University, and California Southern University. The city also boasts transportation infrastructure that’s worth noting, from biker friendly lanes and pathways to a passenger train that takes people from Irvine to locations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Riverside.
With Irvine continually growing with business and further community improvements, it can be intimidating when trying to search through the city for what you’re looking for. With TopResearched and our expert researchers, you can cut down on all that searching and instead get the best of what you’re looking for in the form of our curated lists. Whether you’re looking for a type of organization or you’re trying to find the best experts in a certain industry, you’ll find only heavily researched and verified entries in our list, all based on the high-standards of our research criteria. Save yourself the time and trouble and let us at TopResearched do the hard work of finding what you need!
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