Why It’s Important to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether you’ve suffered a motorcycle accident, or you were misdiagnosed at a hospital and suffered for it, you might feel like an insurance company’s job is to make sure that you, the injured, are properly covered for such instances so that you can make a proper recovery and things are set straight. But this usually isn’t the case. While insurance companies will offer you some compensation to help you with your pains and troubles, they are also looking to maintain their profits and their corporate interests—to do that, it involves giving those injured as little as feasibly possible, while convincing the injured that they’re being a good deal.

Speaking with a personal injury lawyer, you may find that an insurance company rarely paints a true picture for you.

Why Would Insurance Companies Not Pay Enough?

When you’ve been injured, your priority is likely to get what compensation you can to pay off your medical treatments and recovery. While insurance companies may sound like they care, it is always on their mind about how to best limit the amount of money they must give to you, while also maneuvering to limit potential weaknesses in their own defense should you decide to try hiring a personal injury lawyer. They do this because they’re looking out for themselves first and foremost, before they look out for you.

Insurance companies are part of a multibillion-dollar industry that does more than just looking out for their clients. They’re corporate bodies looking out for their own bottom lines and lobbying for their own interests—and all of that takes money. To maximize that money, they often use adjustors to help pare down the settlement amounts offered to injured claimants.

Benefits of a Personal Injury Lawyer

There will be times when an insurance company’s offer is all you can get, but you should always stay informed of your rights and to have an expert analyze your case to make sure that you aren’t being shorted by the adjustors. You might feel hesitant because of attorneys having a fee, but usually a personal injury lawyer works on a contingency fee basis, which means that you won’t have to pay them unless they settle or win your case. Their rates usually hover around 33% but keep in mind that a personal injury lawyer’s goal is to help you get more than what the insurance company would ever consider giving you on their own volition, should your case be worth more than what the insurance company is trying to settle for.

Consult with a personal injury lawyer to discover your options and see whether your case is worth significantly more than what you’re being offered by the insurance companies. If a personal injury lawyer believes your case is worth a lot more, consider hiring a lawyer to begin your case. No injury should go without being properly compensated.

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