The Mission to Reduce Car Accident Deaths and Injuries

As of 2019, almost 39,000 people in the USA had died because of a fatal car accident. That’s not even including the over 4 million that get injured from car accidents. While car accidents are being reduced, they’re only dropping by a mere 1-2%. Worse, some states have even seen an increase in car accident fatalities, such as Delaware and Ohio (with increases of 20% and 8% respectively). But it doesn’t have to be this way—there are more measures that can be taken to help further reduce car injuries and fatalities. Here are some of the common ways that you can help reduce the chances of being involved in one of these tragic accidents.

Follow These Safety Tips

  • Buckle up!
    Seatbelts have been around as a federal standard since 1968 for car vehicles, but not everyone still wears them. With features like belt locks to help improve the survivability of a car driver, wearing a seatbelt is crucial for both drivers and passengers.
  • Don’t Drink & Drive!
    Drinking and getting intoxicated can greatly impair your ability to drive safely and responsibly. It can slow your reaction speeds, reduce your ability to make sound judgements on the road, and you may be unable to concentrate. More than 10,000 car accident deaths are caused each year because of drunk driving.
  • Practice Safe and Defensive Driving
    From following the speed limit to keeping aware of your surroundings, being a defensive driver can make all the difference in avoiding an accident. Always assume that other drivers around you may, at a moment’s notice, suddenly lose control or begin driving recklessly. By keeping your distance, watching your surroundings, and being mindful of your blind spots, you can make sure that you don’t get caught up in a car accident or a vehicle pile-up if an accident happens near you.
  • Check for Vehicle and Parts Recalls
    Not every vehicle is made perfect, and sometimes a car company will discover a faulty part or performance issue that could compromise the safety of drivers. When that happens, they issue a recall to get that problem fixed. But it’s not always easy to make every owner of a particular vehicle aware of these recalls, which is why it is important to be diligent and keep an eye out for whenever a recall has been issued. Often times, these recalls may be found on a manufacturer’s own website, your repair shop might be aware of it, or you can visit websites like to enter your car’s VIN and find out. Check regularly to ensure that your vehicle is working the way it ought to.

Measures to Reduce Car Accident Fatalities

While a great deal of responsibility rests on the shoulders of the individual driver, measures must also be taken by cities and states to further decrease the chances of a fatal accident. Even car companies are taking measures to do their part in reducing car accident fatalities. From the redesigning of roads to the implementation of automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning systems in vehicles, every measure counts as they provide an extra layer of safety for both the driver and all those around them. Here are some measures being implemented or are currently being developed to further increase the safety for all on the road:

  • Automatic safety features are being more and more widespread as newer cars are being equipped with lane departure warning systems, lane keeping assist systems, and automatic emergency braking. Other safety features may include adaptive headlights and backup cameras.
  • Self-driving technology is steadily advancing, and more companies are attempting to break into the field. It is predicted that within the next few decades, self-driving cars may be developed enough to become widespread for everyday drivers. This could drastically reduce driving fatalities since the rates of distracted driving accidents have been mostly unchanged over the years. Self-driving vehicles may make distracted driving a thing of the past if the technology is developed enough.
  • Organizations, programs, and movements such as Vision Zero are encouraging a change to roadway designs that can reduce car accident injury and fatalities, such as better speed management, improved roadway design to reduce chances of a car accident, and even technologies to improve road safety. By performing the research, informing the public, and convincing community leaders to take a proactive approach—these various organizations and programs hope to encourage a faster adoption of better road infrastructure and technology to make driving safer for all.
  • Blood Alcohol Content limits in some states are being lowered in an attempt to reduce accidents caused by intoxicated drivers.

Resources to Stay Safe and Get Involved

We all share the same roads and highways together, driving from our homes to wherever we need to go, and it is our shared responsibility to keep ourselves safe and keep each other safe. Consult these resources to stay informed of new developments in car safety technology as well as in driving safety advocacy. Together, we can all make driving better, so that we and our loved ones can all enjoy the freedom of the road and return home safely.

  • Vision Zero Network
    Vision Zero first started in Europe as an advocacy group for better road designs and education for all in road safety. It has since spread throughout Europe and is growing in multiple states across the United States. Today, they promote everything from advocating better policy changes to urging the improvement of road and transportation infrastructure.
    Learn more about the new safety features and technology that are making cars better than ever. From automatic emergency braking to adaptive cruise control, your car or your future car could be equipped with the next generation of safety equipment to make driving a safer experience for you and others around you. You can also learn about future developments in car safety that are in the works today!
    Stay safe and stay in the know by keeping up with your vehicle’s recalls. Sometimes a vehicle manufacturer can fail to mail you a notice about a recall on your vehicle—so it is important to stay vigilant and keep an eye out.
  • The Road to Zero Coalition
    The Road to Zero Coalition is a group of organizations managed by the National Safety Council. Together, they work to study and develop new ways to advance road safety, infrastructural improvements, and create a direction for technology to advance so that millions of drivers can experience a safer driving environment.

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