Motorcycle Accidents: Dangers of Skull Fractures and Brain Injuries

Every year, around 5,000 motorcycle riders are killed in motorcycle accidents. Almost 75% of those dead were from a terrible head injury, often involving some sort of skull fracture or internal injury which led to their deaths. Most of these could have been avoided with the wearing of a helmet, but without helmets being legally required in all 50 states, some riders will opt to skip the protection. Even if the rider should survive those injuries, they can leave the rider with lifelong debilitations and suffering that may never end.

Brain Injuries and Their Complications

During a motorcycle accident, especially if a rider is thrown from their motorcycle from the impact with a larger vehicle, a head injury can result in injury done directly to the brain. This is because of the momentum that the motorcycle and the colliding may have had before it came to an abrupt stop. Even when a rider comes to a stop after making contact with the ground, the brain can still be in motion until it impacts the wall of the skull. This kind of impact can lead to the sensitive tissues of the brain to experience trauma, leading concussion, swelling, and even to bleeding within. As a result, the injury can affect a person’s ability to concentrate and remember things, speak, or even walk normally. Worse yet, those side effects can be permanent.

Those same injuries can also lead to potentially fatal complications that can occur soon after or over the course of time. This is because you can’t reverse damage that’s been done to the brain, you can only try to stop further damage and help the brain heal as much as possible. Some complications include seizures, brain swelling, and an increased likelihood for degenerative brain diseases.

Skull Fractures

Internal brain injuries are already dangerous enough, but in the case of a motorcycle accident, a skull fracture can be very likely for a non-helmet-protected head. Much like when an internal head injury occurs, a skull fracture can cause brain damage and injury. But there is an extra complication—a skull fracture also involves the bone of your skull, possibly leading to either your own skull fragments to damage your brain, or if there is external breakage, such as a cut in your skin, it can lead to bacteria finding a way through your external wounds and into your brain, leading to a possibly fatal infection.

While not all skull fractures lead to these kinds of serious complications, it is more likely when operating a speeding vehicle like a motorcycle. That is why any chance of a skull fracture should be treated seriously and investigated at a hospital. Even a mild concussion should be treated.

When Riding a Motorcycle, Head Protection is Key

Since a motorcycle does not afford the same kind of protection as its larger vehicle counterparts on the road, wearing what DOT-compliant protection is available. Visit your local stores that are selling motorcycle helmets and find one that fits you the best, so that you can also ride at your best and stay safe on the road.

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