Maintaining Your Motorcycle Maintains Your Safety

There are a variety of ways that a motorcycle accident can occur. While you can’t control the negligent actions of a careless driver, you can help avert disaster by ensuring that your motorcycle is properly maintained and that you minimize the risk of a vehicle malfunction while on the road. An accident caused by your motorcycle breaking down or having a malfunction can be just as dangerous as any other motorcycle accident, and it’ll be just as unexpected.

Motorcycles Require Frequent Maintenance

Just like cars, a motorcycle requires maintenance to keep it in working order. However, a motorcycle could take more maintenance a year than a car, due to factors such as environmental exposure, wear and tear, fluid use, and dirt build-up. But with the right maintenance regimen, you can ensure that your motorcycle maintenance costs don’t stray into even costlier repairs for a long while. Here are some of the ways that you can maintain your motorcycle on your own. These can be especially important if you live in a state where there are bad winters and you’re just bringing your motorcycle out for the first time since the snow’s gone away. But whether it’s because of a winter break or because you’ve been riding your motorcycle throughout the year, these maintenance steps will keep your motorcycle running smooth for many years to come!

  • Refresh Your Fuel Tank

    Gasoline can potentially get stale, especially if it has been sitting in your motorcycle all winter-long. Freshen your tank with some new fuel and replace the old fuel before hitting the road.

  • Give Your Motorcycle an Oil Change

    After a long wait, your motorcycle is probably due for an oil change. Without a fresh oil change, your motorcycle’s performance may be affected. While you’re at it, you should also change out your oil filter.

  • Modular Motorcycle Helmet

    A modular motorcycle helmet can be adjusted to either be a full-face helmet or open-face. This flexibility allows for greater airflow or for greater protection from airborne material as you ride, depending on your preference.

  • Check Your Battery and Replace as Needed

    If your motorcycle has been sitting for months in the garage, chances are your battery may be dead. It’s possible to remove your battery and store it over the winter before recharging it, but the age of your battery may possibly mean that your battery will simply not hold enough charge. If your battery is relatively new, such as a year old, you may be able to rely on charging it up and getting your motorcycle running. But if it is over a year old, the safer option may be to simply buy and install a new battery.

  • Check Your Tires and Your Tire Pressure

    Without tires, your motorcycle would be getting you nowhere! That’s why it is important to check your tires. While doing your tire check, make sure to inspect the tire tread and look out for any possible signs of damage or deforming. You should also check to make sure the air pressure in your tires is optimal. A drastic change in tire pressure can lead to a drastic change in the handling and performance of your motorcycle, which can lead to a higher risk of an accident if you should lose control. This is especially important if your motorcycle has been sitting out for some months because of the winter season—your tires may be underinflated.

  • Oil and Grease

    Ensuring the proper parts of your motorcycle are lubricated and greased plays a large part in the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Your cable housing and control cables will likely need some new lube. Meanwhile, your drive train and chain will probably also need fresh lubrication. Not only does this prepare your motorcycle for use again, but it can even aid your motorcycle’s fuel efficiency!

  • Spark Plugs

    Last but certainly not least, consider checking your spark plugs for any corrosion. But if you don’t feel confident, go ahead and replace them.

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