Concerns About COVID-19 Persisting on Surfaces

COVID-19, or SARS-CoV-2, has left the world in uncertainty as people continue worrying about their health and safety, especially in places outside of home. While the main method of transmission is through the air, which can be countered by the proper wearing of masks, the presence of COVID-19 persisting on surfaces remains a concern.

The Risk of COVID-19 on Surfaces

There is still much unknown about the COVID-19 virus, but we know that COVID-19 can persist on surfaces outside of the body for a period of time ranging from hours to days. Though contracting COVID-19 from it being on a surface is considered low, it is not a definite zero chance because different conditions can affect the longevity of the virus while outside of the body.

The type of surface can also affect the virus. Hard surfaces allow for longer survival times versus porous surfaces. On porous surfaces like paper and cardboard, the virus has been studied to last only minutes to hours before dying. Both on hard, non-porous surfaces such as glass, steel, or plastic, COVID-19 can survive as long as three days in a standard indoor environment. This all can be affected even further when these surfaces are outdoors and directly exposed to the sun and varying temperatures, usually causing COVID-19 to die quicker.

With our current understanding for indoor environments, especially if it is known that an infected individual had been in the building at some point in time, it is important to clean all surfaces to reduce the risk of lingering traces of the virus. With a potential three-day window for the virus to infect someone who comes into contact with a surface, cleaning those surfaces and practicing good hand hygiene will help fight back against the risk of catching COVID-19. Of course, wearing a mask is still recommended.

Vaccination Improves Survival

Perhaps, the ultimate defense is the COVID-19 vaccine. While the Pfizer and Modern vaccines have been reported around 94-95% effective, it is a far greater defense than only wearing a mask. Following safe practices and getting vaccinated can provide dual-protection against the COVID-19 virus.

Proper Surface Cleaning Against COVID-19

In order to properly clean a surface of COVID-19, you’ll need to use EPA List N registered disinfectants to effectively harm and kill the virus. Depending on the additional cleaning methods that you utilize, it is possible to remove up to 99.9% of microbes on a surface, removing the COVID-19 virus or damaging it to the point of losing its potential to infect. Using cleaning agents along with your disinfectant is an effective way to achieve this result, but you should always make sure that you are using cleaning agents in a responsible and safe manner in accordance with their instructions.

Fight COVID-19 With Commercial Cleaning

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 still hanging over our world today, it’s important to ensure that our offices and public places of business are kept clean and tidy for the safety of everyone. Fortunately, many commercial cleaners are offering disinfection services and some dedicated to the destruction and removal of COVID-19. Be sure to take a look at TopResearched listings of your local Top Commercial Cleaners to help make sure that your commercial space remains immaculate and a healthy place to be!