Top 7 Best Commercial Cleaners in Irvine

From your floors and desks to your building’s walls, none can escape the inevitable buildup of dust, dirt, and grime. Allowing that buildup can lead to breeding grounds for deadly mold, bacteria, and viruses, resulting in workers and guests both getting sick, which in turn can hurt your business. But with a commercial cleaner on your side, you can fight back against the dust and dirt, and keep your commercial space a safe and sparkling clean place to wow your visitors and allow your workers to focus on more important things instead worrying about getting sick. TopResearched can help you find the best commercial cleaners in and around the Irvine area with the help of our heavily curated list. With our researchers, every featured commercial cleaner is deeply analyzed and pitted against our rigid ranking criteria before earning its way onto our site! [more]

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Dr. Carpet Irvine

Dr. Carpet Irvine

Whatever your office space may be, your carpet flooring will be quick to collect the dirt and dust from frequent foot traffic, leading to it looking drab and discolored. But whether it’s because of foot traffic or because of a massive spill, your carpet can be revitalized with the help of Dr. Carpet Irvine. They use a dual carpet cleaning method to ensure that your carpet surface is thoroughly cleansed of dirt, dust, and anything else, extracting it straight from your carpet and leaving none to linger. This results in a fresher-looking carpet and a commercial space that’ll impress all who enter your commercial space!

17502 Rosa Drew Ln Irvine, CA 92612
Early Birds House Cleaning

Early Birds House Cleaning

Keep your commercial space running smoothly and productively with the help of Early Birds! From schools and churches to corporate offices and retail stores, they can help clean your commercial space from the flooring to your counters and desks to ensure that your frequent traffic areas remain a safe and healthy space for your visitors and workers. They also offer residential cleaning, if you so desire to have their quality cleaning applied to your home!

5405 Alton Pkwy, Suite A-410 Irvine, CA 92604
Innovative Cleaning Services

Innovative Cleaning Services

A commercial cleaner’s quality is only as good as their culture, and at the women-owned Innovative Cleaning Services, they care about the satisfaction of all their clients! For the various commercial spaces of Irvine, they offer janitorial and porter services to help keep up with the cleanliness of your business and building. They can also help with cleaning your upholstery, windows, and provide pressure washing services to get rid of stubborn dirt buildup.

44 Waterworks Way Irvine, CA 92618


Treat your commercial space to a commercial cleaner that prioritizes communication and cleaning consistency when you schedule with SayClean! From janitorial and day porter services to more thorough cleanings and disinfection services, they offer all that your commercial space will need to look sparkling clean while being a safe place for both your employees and your guests.

23322 Peralta Dr Unit 1 Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Sharks Cleaning Service

Sharks Cleaning Service

Let Sharks Cleaning Service take care of your commercial space’s carpet flooring with their deep-cleaning carpet technology and eco-friendly products. They also offer upholstery cleaning and tile & grout cleaning for your fabric-covered furniture and restroom tile floors. With their knowledge and expertise, they’ll know exactly which detergents to use for your type of carpet. From there, they’ll get your carpet looking like new with their five-step process!

1497 Spectrum Irvine, CA 92618
Smart Janitorial

Smart Janitorial

For the many company offices and commercial spaces of Irvine, Orange, and surrounding areas, Smart Janitorial does it all to keep your commercial building looking immaculate and ready for more business to get done. Along with their interior commercial cleaning services, they also offer pressure washing and window cleaning for your commercial building’s exterior, ensuring that your commercial space is ready to impress from floor to ceiling. If you ever suspect that your building has pests, Smart Janitorial also offers pest control services to further aid in making sure your commercial space remains a healthy and presentable place for everyone.

645 N Eckhoff St Suite J Orange, CA 92868
Zerorez Irvine Carpet Cleaning

Zerorez Irvine Carpet Cleaning

With the help of their own patented cleaning tech and Zr Water, Zerorez offers a kind of carpet cleaning that can potentially change the industry. They take pride in their green technology and products, and whether your commercial space uses hard floor surfaces or carpet, they’ll not only help clean them, but they can also remove the soapy residue left behind by other cleaners that could otherwise attract more dust and grime. The end result is flooring with greater longevity and a better impact on both the environment and your wallet.

17815 Sky Park Cir Suite A Irvine, CA 92614

More About Commercial Cleaners in Irvine, CA

Businesses can only run as well as your workforce. But when a commercial space is left to gather dirt, dust, and grime, it can become a breeding ground for mold and germs. When workers get sick and call off, business can suffer, and worse yet, so can your visitors and guests when they get sick too. By maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial space with a professional commercial cleaner, everyone benefits from a cleaner and safer space to do business.
Commercial cleaners are staffed by professional cleaning experts who know what tools and products to use to ensure that your commercial space is kept spotless and safe for all to enjoy. From hard floors and carpeting to your furniture and exterior walls, these are the professionals who can tend to it all and leave your building looking like new. Some commercial cleaners specialize in your regular janitorial duties while other specialize in performing ultra-quality services in a particular field like carpeting or kitchen equipment.
TopResearched enjoys a clean office, so that our colleagues can all come to work not needing to worry about things like dirt, mold, and of course, the anxiety that revolves around the COVID-19 pandemic. But all of that requires an excellent commercial cleaner to do the job. That’s why our researchers have looked high and low to find the absolute best commercial cleaners in and around the Irvine area, so that you too can enjoy a magnificent commercial space!
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Here’s a breakdown of the rating criteria that our researchers use to sort the best from the rest before placing them into our curated lists:

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Frequently asked questions

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What Are Eco-Friendly and Green Products? Are They Important in Cleaning?

Our earth and climate are changing, and our impact on the environment can steer it either way. That’s why many commercial cleaners today are making the move to green and eco-friendly products to reduce that impact. These products also make your commercial spaces safer for everyone with the removal of harsh chemicals while still providing that same excellent clean.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

The cleanliness of your commercial space can greatly affect the efficiency of your place of business. That’s why TopResearched uses a Reputation Metric to help give you a sense of each commercial cleaner’s overall quality, so that you can make the best decision for your own commercial space. Our researchers take into account factors such as average review scores, customer stories, variety of services and extras, and even social media engagement with clients. With enough information, our researchers can award a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad.

What Exactly Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning involves the cleaning of places of business, public institutions, and more. Whatever your commercial space may be, commercial cleaners have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your commercial space is cleaned from corner to corner the right way.

Are Awards Important for a Commercial Cleaning Service?

While awards are rare for commercial cleaning services, it makes it all the more impressive when one does earn an award. Most awards for commercial cleaning services are in recognition of exemplary customer service and cleaning quality!

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