Top 7 Best Dog Grooming Services in Irvine

Grooming is absolutely essential for your pets—it’s like how we humans need to have a nice shower or a bath, so that we can cleanse ourselves of dirt, dust, and anything else that could potentially make us sick or trigger our allergies. The same goes for your pups! But it goes even further—groomers can help spot any surface issues, like developing skin conditions, parasites, and other developments that grooming could help relieve. With TopResearched, you can have your pet kept looking marvelous and healthy with the best dog grooming places in and around the Irvine area. Our researchers use a thorough double-selection process and rigid ranking criteria to ensure that only the best of the best ever make it onto our list for you to see! [more]

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Jan's Gentle Paws Grooming

Jan’s Gentle Paws Grooming

Give your dog the spa-quality pampering they deserve at Jan’s Gentle Paws Grooming! For dogs of 50lbs or less, Jan’s Gentle Paws can provide full-service grooming services as well as a selection of skin and coat therapies that can help fight against hot spots, yeast infections, and other skin/coat related issues. From head to tail, their full-service grooming will have your dog looking and feeling like new, ensuring a longer, healthier, and happier life together with you!

40 Whitford Irvine, CA 92602
Kriser's Natural Pet

Kriser’s Natural Pet

From standard full-service grooming to careful de-matting services, the groomers at Kriser’s Natural Pet are the experts when it comes to helping your pups look fantastic, happy, and healthy! Along with their full-service grooming package that includes even a body massage, they also offer various skin and coat treatments such as shed control, skin soothers, and even flea/tick treatments. Keep up with your dog’s external health while leaving them looking like a million dollars!

5365 Alton Pkwy Irvine, CA 92604
Ma's & Paws Pet Salon

Ma’s & Paws Pet Salon

Give your pet a like-home grooming experience at Ma’s & Paws Pet Salon! Here, your pet will be given more than just a full-service grooming experience backed by 25 years of experience—they’ll also be treated to a safe and loving environment where their comfort and happiness is paramount. Their salon has even been built by contractors experienced in building vet clinics, just to ensure that everything from roof to floor is designed with your pet in mind.

23024 Lake Forest Dr Suite E Laguna Hills, CA 92653
MJ's Pet Spaw & Daycare

MJ’s Pet Spaw & Daycare

Whether you want to take your pup on a trip to their cage-free salon or you’d like their mobile groomers to come to you, MJ’s Pet Spaw & Daycare is there to help ensure that your dog remains a healthy furry buddy with a thorough and luxurious full-service grooming experience. They also offer pet massage therapy, if you’d like to make your pet’s spa day extra special!

23032 Alicia Pkwy Suite B Mission Viejo, CA 92692
OC Grooming & Pet Spa

OC Grooming & Pet Spa

From your tiny, short hair breeds to you large, long-hair dogs, the expert groomers at OC Grooming & Pet Spa know it all. With their full-service grooming, Hydrosurge baths, and also their self-service dog wash BathPro Bathing systems, they have the skills and the equipment to ensure that your dog gets their grooming done the way you want it. Try their self-service dog wash if you’d like to have some bonding time with your pup while tending to their grooming needs, with OC Grooming’s supplies, you’ll have all you need to have your dog smelling and looking amazing in no time!

20025 Lake Forest Dr Ste 104 Lake Forest, CA 92630
The Spaw

The Spaw

For over 20 years, the Spaw has been providing all-important grooming services for dogs and cats alike! Along with their generous full-service grooming packages, they also offer additional Spaw Packages and Paw Care Packages for that extra pampering. Is your pet itching a lot? Why not try the “Oatmeal Package” add-on! Or if you suspect that your pet may be having some flea trouble, how about the “No fleas, please!” package!

14712 Franklin Ave M Tustin, CA 92780
Sydnee's Pet Grooming

Sydnee’s Pet Grooming

Grooming should be a comfortable and fun experience for your loveable furry buddies, and that’s what Sydnee’s Pet Grooming aims to make for all your canine and feline pals. Their full styling grooming package will leave your pet clean and refreshed from head to tail, using all pet-safe and natural products to ensure your pet’s safety and their health. Check out their Grooming Membership program, which offers perks like 1 Full-Styling Grooming package every month, 1 Bath & Brush Grooming package a month, and even a 10% discount if you have second dog!

3601 Jamboree Rd # 23 Newport Beach, CA 92660

More About Dog Grooming Services in Irvine, CA

Your pets are your furry best friends, and their external health is just as connected to their overall wellbeing as is their internal health. After so many adventures and playtimes, eventually your dog’s coat will begin to collect dust and dirt from the ground. What’s more, like our own skin, their skin and coat will buildup in oil and grease, and their nails continually grow like our own. By taking your dog to the groomers, they’ll be treated to a nice makeover that tends to their hygienic needs, ensuring a healthier, happier, and also a better-looking life!
Dog grooming places are a safe and professional place where you can get your dogs groomed and checked for any skin and coat conditions. With a dog groomer’s practiced eye, they can also help you spot any parasites like fleas and ticks, who can infest as well as infect your dog with disease. Dog groomers get the job done right with the tools and pet-safe products to ensure that your dog’s given a nice, deep clean while maintaining your dog’s comfort and happiness. Also, these places are filled with pet-lovers who will surely give your dog all the love and care that makes a trip out of the house well worth it!
TopResearched is run by pet lovers just like you, and we love seeing our own pets pampered at the groomers because it does more than just clean them—it contributes to their longevity, which means more adventures and cuddles to look forward to! We use a thorough double-selection process to collect, analyze, and compare the many dog grooming places in Irvine, ultimately distilling the very best in and around the Irvine area so that you can schedule an appointment with confidence when you select one from our list. Treat your pet to the spa day they deserve when you use TopResearched!
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Frequently asked questions

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Why Should My Dog Be Regularly Groomed?

From your many dog walks to the park, the beach, or just in the backyard, your dog’s own self-grooming eventually won’t be enough to get rid of the dirt, dandruff, and dust that will surely collect on their fur and skin. Regular grooming helps eliminate all of that, which not only leaves your dog fresh and clean, but also prevents health issues from occurring.

How Can I Provide My Dog with a Safe Grooming?

A professional dog grooming place can provide the safety and comfort that your dog needs while it is getting cleaned. Dog groomers know how to properly use their grooming tools and their knowledge of pet-safe products ensures that your pup will get the clean they need while having none of the irritation or stress.

What Issues Can Arise from a Lack of Grooming?

If grooming is not regularly done, your dog can begin to experience a variety of skin and coat conditions including hair matting, hot spots, fleas, ticks, and parasite-caused diseases. These can all harm your dog’s quality of living, and even hurt your dog’s lifespan. But by taking your dog to the groomers, you can shield your pup from these various ailments and symptoms.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

Our four-legged best friends are precious to us all—that’s why TopResearched uses a Reputation Metric to give our readers a sense of how reliable and qualified a dog grooming place may be. We assess factors such as average review scores, variety of grooming services and extras offered, customer stories, and even social media engagement. Once enough information has been collected, our researchers can award a dog grooming place a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad.

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