Top 7 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Irvine

When you’ve suffered a personal injury, especially one that results in expensive treatments and hospital visits in order to recover, you may want to consult a personal injury lawyer in order to make sure that the insurance companies will pay out what’s needed to achieve as best a recovery as possible. Without the proper treatment, some injuries can lead to further complications and continual suffering, but on the other hand, you will also have those medical bills to worry about. With a personal injury lawyer, you can turn that around and get the compensation you justly deserve both for your medical costs as well as for the negligent actions of those who led you to experience harm. Instead of spending hours or days searching for the right lawyer, the team at TopResearched is here to help using our stringent research criteria to parse through all the law firms in Irvine until we’ve created a list with only the best available to help represent you in your personal injury case! [more]

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Avrek Law Irvine
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 50+ of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    12 including Super Lawyers for 5 years running
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Live Chat, Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling and Email)

Avrek Law

The attorneys at Avrek Law make their clients their top priority when a personal injury has occurred. Led by Maryam Parman, Avrek Law has been helping clients who’ve suffered at the neglect or careless actions of others, and they will use every resource possible to get you the compensation that you justly deserve. Whether you’ve suffered from an auto accident, a slip & fall, or even medical malpractice, they’ll fight to help you win what you need to heal and return to a normal life. For one client that suffered a brain injury after an auto accident, Avrek Law was able to win their client $45 million in compensation!

Bentley & More LLP Irvine
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 30+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    12 including Super Lawyers for 11 years running
  • Fees: Contingency Fees, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Bentley & More LLP

At Bentley & More, they believe that everyone should have their personal injury story heard and that they should get the compensation that they deserve so that they can return back to their normal lives. From broken bones and burn injuries to brain injuries and even aviation accidents, when you’ve been wronged with a terrible injury because of someone’s reckless behavior or carelessness, attorneys Greg Bentley and Keith More will fight to right those wrongs. One case they have handled involved a terrible traffic accident that resulted in multiple injuries including to the spine for a client—all because Highway 138 had been left in a dangerous condition. After a fierce battle, Bentley & More was able to secure $31.5 million for their client, bringing them justice for the lifetime of care that they must now go through.

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys Irvine
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 40+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    19 including the American Academy of Attorneys 500 Million Dollar Club
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Live Chat, Phone Number, Consultation Schedule/Email)

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys

Winner of the 2020 Litigator of the Year award from the American Institute of Trial Lawyers, the team at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys is committed to the mission of helping clients who’ve suffered a personal injury, and getting them the compensation they need to recover fully and find their peace of mind. They have attorneys who specialize in a variety of personal injury cases such as car and auto accidents, dog bites and animal attacks, and even injuries related to premise liability. They believe in the philosophy of fighting with passion for their clients, to convince the jury that you deserve recompense for your suffering, and that those responsible should pay.

Johnson Attorneys Group Irvine
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 14+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    12 including AVVO Rating of 9.6
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Phone Number, Live Chat, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Johnson Attorneys Group

At the Johnson Attorneys Group, James Johnson believes in providing each client with the personal attention they deserve and have their cases fought with the utmost diligence and attention to detail. That’s why he personally evaluates each case that’s brought to his firm. He currently carries an AVVO Rating of 9.6 and is ranked as a Top Attorney. For all his clients, he doesn’t charge a fee unless he’s able to win or settle their case and secure them compensation. His range of personal injury cases is enormous, ranging from wrongful death and auto accidents to escalator injury and swimming pool accidents. If you’ve been injured due to the neglect or actions of another, you can trust Johnson Attorneys Group to know what to do!

4440 Von Karman Ave #100 Newport Beach, CA 92660
Law Offices of Arthur R Hausmann Irvine
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 32+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    Member of the OCTLA and AVVO Rating of 9.6 Superb
  • Fees: Contingency Fees, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Law Offices of Arthur R Hausmann

For over 30 years, the Law Offices of Arthur R Hausmann have been providing strong representation for those who’ve experienced personal injury in the Irvine community. From auto and pedestrian injuries to slip and falls and wrongful deaths, Arthur R Hausmann has 10 years of experience and insight into the insurance industry to match their tactics and beat them in court so that you can get the maximum amount of money for your pain and suffering. With over 1,000 cases won and settled, you can rest assured that you’ll have a true veteran on your side!

Law Office of Jeffrey S Dawson Irvine
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 30+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    AVVO Rating of 7.7, AVVO 5-Star Review Rating
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Law Office of Jeffrey S Dawson, APC

From dog bites and car accidents to brain injuries and wrongful death, the Law Office of Jeffrey S Dawson knows well how much suffering and pain that a personal injury can leave a person in, and they are committed to seeing justice done. Leading attorney Jeffrey S. Dawson brings his own experience as an insurance defense lawyer to deflect the tactics employed by insurance companies, giving him an edge when fighting for his clients and their just compensation. During one case, a wrongful death, Jeffrey S. Dawson was able to secure his client a case victory of $1.5 million!

9841 Irvine Center Dr #210 Irvine, CA 92618
The Reeves Law Group Irvine
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 25+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    3 including AVVO Rating 10.0 Superb and 2019 Best Lawyers
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B+ (24/7 Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

The Reeves Law Group

With a record of winning over $200 million for their clients, the Reeves Law Group brings a perfect balance of experience and results to help you get the money that you deserve from those who’ve caused you personal injury. Founded by attorney Robert Reeves, he has spent over thirty years fighting for those hurt so that they can get the recovery they need, and that justice is brought to those who caused the harm in the first place. Whether you’ve suffered at the carelessness of others on the road or on the premise of a business, make your story heard with the Reeves Law Group and see justice done for you.

More About Personal Injury Lawyers in Irvine, CA

Personal injuries should never be taken lightly. Even after a car accident, if you feel like you didn’t get hurt, it is important to get checked up. An unnoticeable injury can lead to eventual, long-term suffering that could’ve been fixed with a doctor’s visit and some treatment. But what about the medical costs? That’s where a personal injury lawyer comes in—to help alleviate the suffering caused by your personal injury and the subsequent costs of getting back to as normal a life as possible. Insurance companies, however, will try to keep their payout to a minimum if they can, so choosing the right personal injury lawyer can help you pursue the maximum compensation possible so that you can focus on recovering instead of worrying about your medical costs. But there are hundreds of possible law firms in and around Irvine—with TopResearched, you can skip the stress of searching through them all and have the best ones already in the palm of your hand in the form of our heavily curated lists.
Trusting your case to a personal injury lawyer can give you the expertise that you need to properly contest the insurance companies when they try to give you less than what you need to recover from your pain and suffering. What’s more, with a personal injury lawyer, you can press the case to make those responsible for your injuries to pay for their negligence, which can result in compensation greater than what you might even expect. That’s because the personal injury lawyer’s job is to help you recover more than just in body, but also to find peace of mind.
With so many law firms out there, it’s understandable that it can get a little overwhelming trying to look through them all to find the one that’s right for you. TopResearched uses a set of high-standard criteria to look through them all for you. Once we’ve selected out those that seem acceptable, we go through them all again to hand-pick the absolute best of them all to include in our list. You can rest assured that when you look through our list of personal injury lawyers, you’re looking at the best there is in and around the Irvine area. That way you can save time on looking around and instead get right to calling the law firm that will help you get your max compensation and the justice that you deserve for your pain. Find the best with just a click when you use TopResearched!
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The TopResearched Selection Process

We find the industry experts in your area through a double-selection process of research, comparison, and verification. During the first stage, we gather the experts based on a single industry in your area that match our preliminary standards. Then, for the second stage, we use our stringent rating criteria to begin further separating the highest ranked from the rest collected. This helps make sure that you’re only seeing the best of the best industry experts in your area!
Here’s a breakdown of the rating criteria that our researchers use to sort the best from the rest before placing them into our curated lists:

From average review scores to client stories and service results, we determine the trustworthiness and reliability.


We verify that the experts you’re working with are truly experienced in their field and have the expertise to meet your needs.

Awards and Qualifications

Some local experts stand above the rest because of their accomplishments, knowledge and education.


An industry expert that cares is one that’s there for you. We search for every means that an industry expert may be contacted.


Depending on the industry that you’re looking for, we also analyze your local experts based on industry-specific factors.

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Frequently asked questions

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How Long Does It Take for a Personal Injury Case to be Settled?

A personal injury case can take anywhere from months to years depending on multiple factors. The seriousness and length of your medical treatments can play a factor as well as the kind of defense that your personal injury lawyer will be going up against. Consult with your personal injury lawyer to learn more about their insights into cases like yours, but ultimately, it is safe to assume that your case will take some time to reach a proper conclusion to see if your lawyer can get you the compensation that you deserve.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

TopResearched uses the Reputation Metric to measure how much the public trusts the personal injury lawyer with their cases and how satisfied they were with the law firm’s performance when entrusted with their injury cases. To measure the quality of each personal injury lawyer’s Reputation, we assess their average review scores, the results of their previous case victories, and the level of their social media engagement. These factors give us a full picture of how they work as both a law firm but also how they are when they are interacting with people like you.

What Does a Contingency Fee Mean?

A contingency fee is when a personal injury lawyer does not accept any fees until they’ve either won or settled your personal injury case. On the other hand, in this situation, if your personal injury lawyer does not win your case, then you won’t have to pay anything to the firm.

Are Experience and Qualifications/Awards Important?

Most certainly! Your case is important, and it is paramount that you get the best representation possible, so experience and qualifications/awards are two other factors that can really show a lawyer’s competence when fighting for someone’s personal injury case. Experience can indicate a lawyer’s knowledge and insight into the ever-evolving courtroom, especially in fighting against insurance companies for past clients. Meanwhile, qualifications and awards are great indicators of whether a lawyer has passion for growing in their field as well as producing excellent results for their clients and helping them get the justice that they need to get on the path to true recovery.

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