Top 7 Best Pet Boarding Services in Irvine

Whether your pet likes to play fetch or to curl up on your lap while you’re watching the latest streaming show, it’s easy to see why they may start to miss you if you decide to go on a business trip or on a vacation that takes up a few days. While you may not be able to provide them the cuddles and love that they deserve while you’re gone, there is a solution: letting your pet stay at their own version of a resort, a pet boarding place! TopResearched has gathered the absolute best pet boarding places in Irvine with the aid of our double-selection process and stringent ranking criteria, ensuring that your pet is given the best of care and the best hugs until it’s time to pick them up and return home together. [more]

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Cats-Luv-Us Boarding Hotel

Cats-Luv-Us Boarding Hotel

For your fuzzy buddies with nine lives, the Cats-Luv-Us Boarding Hotel offers everything that your cat may want to keep them entertained and loved while you’re away. Whether you need adjoining condos to keep your multiple cats together or you want your cat to be spoiled with lots of cushions and beds, the Cats-Luv-Us will see to it that your cat or cats have their many needs met. They even have bird friends to keep your cats stimulated with feathery neighbors to watch.

27601 Forbes Rd # 25 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Club Cat

Club Cat

Club Cat is the boarding place where your cat can enjoy being a cat! In this no-cage pet boarding place, your cats will be treated to spacious suites of various types and names (such as the Cat 22 suite and the Romeow and Juliet), each offering a variety of amenities that come at no extra charge. For example, for the AristoCat suites, you’ll have 24/7 webcam access to your kitties, Happy Hour playroom time, and Calming Therapy—and that’s just some of the perks!

1360 Reynolds Ave Ste 120 Irvine, CA 92614


At EveryDog, it’s about providing dogs with the best interaction, training, and care throughout their stay. EveryDog is run and staffed by trained professionals who understand animal behavior as well as the latest, evidence-based dog training techniques to ensure that your pup is nurtured the right way while they stay and play, and they may even learn a few new things! Don’t forget to spoil your furry scholar with a stop at their doggie spa before it’s time to return home!

3065 Edinger Ave Tustin, CA 92780
Hydrant Pet Hotel

Hydrant Pet Hotel

From multi-level condos with various architectural designs for your feline pals to flat screen TVs and memory-foam mattresses for your pups, a true luxury experience awaits your pets at the Hydrant Pet Hotel! Your pets will be given one-on-one TLC time with their dedicated staff and constant supervision to ensure that they’re kept happy and purring or tails wagging!

776 W 17th St Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Paws Pet Resort

Paws Pet Resort

While you’re treating yourself to a vacation, why not treat your pups to a luxury vacation of their own at the Paws Pet Resort! From day care playtime and doggie pools to games and mini-agility courses for exercise, your dog will be spoiled with all the fun to be had. When you choose an upgraded suite, you can even have your dog treated to some nighttime story time as they have a nice story read to them for some sweet dreams.

20641 Pascal Way Lake Forest, CA 92630
Smart Parke - Dog Boarding Orange County

Smart Parke – Dog Boarding Orange County

A whole variety of boarding accommodations await your pets at the Smart Parke! For your canine buddies, why not try one of their luxury suites featuring continuous fresh water, cozy beds and pet webcams, and even an included bath for before they return home with you. Your feline pals will also appreciate the daily housekeeping and private litter box areas. With three levels of lounging and play, your cat will have plenty to do during their time at the Smart Parke.

24334 El Toro Rd Laguna Woods, CA 92653
Wags & Wiggles

Wags & Wiggles

Family-owned and run by animal behavior professionals, Wags & Wiggles is the place for your pet to be when you want 24/7 supervision and loving staff who know how to tend to all of your dogs’ needs! Along with spacious doggie suites as big as 4’x6’, there’s lots of space for your pup along with comfy bedding, toys, and treats. There are add-ons available including doggy training and individual cuddle time!

14402 Chambers Rd Tustin, CA 92780

More About Pet Boarding Services in Irvine, CA

Whether you have a dog, a cat, or some other critter for a loveable pet, they’ll need love and care even while you’re away from home. While you could use a visiting pet sitter, they aren’t around your pet enough to provide them the company and stimulation they really need, which can lead to anxiety, stress, and even depression. But a pet boarding place is different—like a home-away-from-home, your pet will have loving staff members to watch over them, play with them, and of course, ensure that they’re fed and have their every need tended to.
Pet boarding places are designed to cover all the bases in ensuring that your pet is kept healthy, both physically and mentally. From food, water, and treats to play time and constant supervision, your pet will receive the engagement and exercise they need each day while also kept in a safe environment. Some pet boarding places even offer pet training and grooming services that go along with your boarding package, giving your pet a real vacation experience!
TopResearched is committed to helping you find the best pet boarding places so that your pets continue to receive the wonderful love and care they deserve, even when you’re away from home for an extended period of time. We have pets ourselves and wouldn’t want our pets to have anything less than what we’d give them—so you can rest assured that every pet boarding place featured on our list will bring your pets the same joy and comfort as we give ours!
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Frequently asked questions

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What Are My Pet’s Health Requirements?

Pet boarding places will typically require that your pet is updated on their vaccinations as well as free of any parasites or infectious diseases. This is for the safety of both your pet as well as the safety of all other four-legged guests at the pet boarding place.

What If My Pet Requires Medication?

Should your pet require medication in order to maintain its health and wellness, be sure to bring enough of their medication to last their stay at the pet boarding place. Also be sure to include any instructions!

What If My Pet Has a Special Diet?

Should your pet have a special diet or has a sensitive tummy and requires their particular diet, be sure to bring that food with your pet and bring enough to ensure that your pet can be fed for the duration of their stay. If you’re worried about portioning, have the food portioned out prior to bringing it to the pet boarding place, or you can provide instructions.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

TopResearched uses a Reputation Metric to help provide our readers with a solid idea of a pet boarding place’s overall quality. Our researchers analyze each pet boarding place for factors such as average review scores, customer stories and accounts, variety of services and extra services, and even their social media engagement. Once enough information has been gathered, our researchers can then award a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad.

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