Top 7 Best Dog Grooming Services in Los Angeles

The health of your fuzzy buddy is more than just what’s going on inside, it’s also what’s happening on the outside! A nice trip to the groomer’s is a nice way to keep your dog looking fabulous, but it also has an extra side benefit of freeing your dog from potential skin and coat issues, and it can even help prevent parasite-borne diseases away. But there are a lot of dog groomers out there in Los Angeles—and not every one of them offers the same quality of service. With TopResearched here to help with your search, you’ll be able to skip the runaround and find a dog grooming place that can have your dog looking and smelling amazing, while you can rest easy knowing that your dog’s going to live a long and fabulous life with you! [more]

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Alessandro Pet Spa

Alessandro Pet Spa

For over 20 years, the team at Alessandro Pet Spa has been giving the dogs of Los Angeles a five-star full-service grooming experience, leaving your furry buddies looking amazing with tails wagging. They offer both full-service grooming with a haircut as well as no-haircut options to ensure that whatever your dog’s breed, they’ll have the right grooming service. They also accept feline clients!

4619 Santa Monica Blvd # E Los Angeles, CA 90029
Blue Pooch Dog Grooming

Blue Pooch Dog Grooming

Welcome to the world of Japanese Style Dog Grooming! At this family-owned dog grooming salon, your pup will have access to multiple types of grooming packages and a la carte options, providing a thorough clean from head to tail. What makes this place stand out, however, is their knowledge in performing Japanese-Asian Styling for your pup with a variety of Japanese-style haircuts for your fuzzy buddy to give them a beautifully unique look that’ll be sure to make them the center of attention!

11737 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064
Bobos Pet Grooming, DayCare & Boutique

Bobos Pet Grooming, DayCare & Boutique

Give your pup the full-service pampering that they deserve at Bobos Pet Grooming. They offer full-service grooming packages that can work with all breeds, while also offering more specialized grooming that can accentuate your dog’s wonderful looks based on their breed. After a nice session at the groomer’s, why not then take your fur baby to their boutique retail store and treat them to a toy or a delicious treat!

2553 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90006
Desly's Pet Grooming

Desly’s Pet Grooming

Dogs, cats, birds, oh my! At Desly’s Pet Grooming, there’s a groomer for your pets and an all-in-one pet supply to ensure that your pet is kept happy inside and out. They offer packages with and without haircuts, and they tailor their grooming services based on your dog’s breed to ensure that your pup gets the amazing look that they deserve!

2144 Venice Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90006
Dogue Spa - The Coolest Dog Grooming Salon

Dogue Spa – The Coolest Dog Grooming Salon

Your dog is one of your closest and most precious companions. Give them the Hollywood treatment they deserve at the Dogue Spa! When you’re looking to give your dog the real five-star grooming experience, they’ll find it here with the expertise of Joshua White, the grooming artists as featured on Amazon’s own series “The Pack”. With over 10 years of experience in grooming dogs of all breeds, there’s a reason why the Dogue Spa is called “The Coolest Dog Grooming Salon”!

8278 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046
Melrose Pet Grooming

Melrose Pet Grooming

Keep your dogs looking as dashing and amazing as they should be at the Melrose Pet Grooming with their full-service grooming packages. From a flea bath to a nail clipping, your pup will be made nice and clean, and kept safe from the dirt and parasites that might find their way onto your dog during your many adventures. Melrose Pet Grooming is backed up by over 20 years of experience, and they offer specialized cuts and trimming, if you so desire!

5770 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038
Moon Shine Grooming & Pet Wash

Moon Shine Grooming & Pet Wash

A part of the Urban Pet specialty store, Moon Shine Grooming is the full-service grooming to pamper your dog with while taking them on a nice trip to getting some delicious treats and fun accessories. From a luxurious bath to a haircut or a shave (your choice!), your pup will be looking like new by the end! They also feature their own self-service dog wash pods and a puppy grooming package that’s designed specially for your little furry ones.

4473 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029

More About Dog Grooming Services in Los Angeles, CA

Taking your dog to the groomer can be a fun and healthy thing to do! Your dog’s health is paramount to their general well-being, happiness, and longevity. But just as their internal health is important, so is their external health—and that means helping your dog stay nice and clean! While giving your dog a bath on your own can help, taking your pup to a professional dog groomer can help ensure that all your bases are covered for your fluffy buddy. Of course, along with the health benefits, your dog will be looking their best every time they’re done at the groomer’s!
Dog grooming places are the places to be to keep your dog’s skin and coat health in check. Furthermore, these professional groomers have the keen eyes to spot nasty parasites like fleas and ticks, who could otherwise spread disease and infest your pet. In a way, taking your pup to the groomer’s is like a health check, while also pampering your dog with a warm bath and a fantastic look at the end of it. Dog grooming places also offer services and products that can help with various situations, like when your dog needs de-skunking after a run-in with a woodland friend.
At TopResearched, we enjoy taking our dogs on plenty of adventures, whether they’re to the beach or just to our backyard! But every trip out is a chance for dirt, dust, and little nasty critters to hitch a ride on our dog’s coat and skin, and that can eventually lead to unhealthy consequences. That’s why our researchers have searched the streets of Los Angeles to find the best dog grooming places in and around the area—so that everyone can continue enjoying life with their furry buddies, for all the future adventures and cuddles!
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Why Should My Dog Be Regularly Groomed?

Just like we humans, every day our dogs pick up dust, dirt, and possible tiny critters while they run, roll around, and play. Eventually, they’ll need to get a nice cleaning to ensure that the build-up of dust and dirt doesn’t lead to actual complications further down the road. Grooming does more than keep your dog clean, it can aid in maintaining your dog’s health, giving them many more years of life and joy to share with you!

How Can I Provide My Dog with a Safe Grooming?

While you can try grooming your dog on your own, taking your pup to a professional groomer can help ensure that your dog is groomed in a safe manner that doesn’t incite anxiety or cause any pain. They have the knowledge and expertise to know how to handle their grooming tools properly, what pet-safe products to use to give your dog the clean it needs—and, of course, they’ll give your dog plenty of tender loving care while they pamper them.

What Issues Can Arise from a Lack of Grooming?

Without proper and regular grooming, your dog can begin to experience a variety of issues. Overgrown nails can lead to joint strain, too much dandruff and fur matting can lead to skin conditions, and parasites like fleas and ticks can carry other parasites and diseases that can lead to dangerous illnesses.

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