Top 7 Best Pet Boarding Services in Los Angeles

Whether you need to take a week-long vacation away from home, or you have a business trip that will take a few days, your pet will need someone to take care of it while you’re gone. But it goes beyond just having a visiting pet sitter feeding your pet and making sure they’re alive—just like you, your pet needs interaction, stimulation, and of course, they’re bound to be missing you very much. At a pet boarding place, your pet will have the play, exercise, and tender loving care that they so enjoy, ensuring that they’re kept content and entertained until it’s time to finally return to your arms. Using our thorough research methods, we at TopResearched have found the best pet boarding places in Los Angeles, so that you can feel confident about entrusting your pet to the care of someone else while you’re away. [more]

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Dog Resort

Dog Resort

Nestled on Hollywood Blvd is a Hollywood resort experience for your furry buddy! At the Dog Resort, 16,000 square feet of space awaits your dogs while private dog-free condos await your cats. From 24/7 supervision to grooming and dog training included with boarding, there’s a plethora of extras that come with boarding at the Dog Resort that are sure to keep your pet engaged and happy while they await your return.

5203 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027
Oh Hello Dog: DTLA Dog Daycare & Boarding
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Service Options: Commercial Cleaning involving offices, schools, medical clinics, and more
  • Additional Services:
    Nightly Cleaning and Janitorial Services, LEED Certified green consulting
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Online Form)

Oh Hello Dog: DTLA Dog Daycare & Boarding

7,500 square feet of play space and comfy beds await your pup at the Oh Hello Dog! Along with 24/7 supervision to ensure your dog’s safety, their boarding packages also include lots of playtime to make sure your dog gets their daily exercise and, of course, lots of fun and cuddles! They also offer a family discount for when you bring your pup and their fuzzy siblings to stay at Oh Hello Dog.

1228 E 8th St Los Angeles, CA 90021
Paradise Ranch

Paradise Ranch

At the Paradise Ranch, owners Kristyn and Brian wanted to create a pet resort that was more than just a set of kennels, they wanted to make a true luxury location for everyone’s favorite four-legged companions. From cage-free boarding and outdoor playtime to a literal waterpark designed for dogs, your furry buddy will feel like they’re on a vacation of their own while you’re on vacation!

10268 La Tuna Canyon Rd. Sun Valley, CA 91352
Puparazzi LA Dog Daycare and Boarding

Puparazzi LA Dog Daycare and Boarding

Comfy beds and thrilling play times await your pup at the Puparazzi with their variety of boarding options and rooms. Along with their standard comfortable boarding accommodations, if you feel like really spoiling your pup, they also offer Dog Hotel packages with doggie suites, comfy oversized dog beds, and pet webcams. They even offer a package for a Dog Hotel slumber party for when you’ve a group of pups that would love to enjoy daycare games during the day and to snooze through the evening together.

1933 Pontius Ave Los Angeles, CA 90025
The Pupper Club

The Pupper Club

For people who love their small breeds, the Pupper Club is the perfect place to provide your smaller pup a place of safety and fun for when you have to be gone from home. For all their boarding guests, the Pupper Club offers not just a comfy home to sleep and constant attention by an executive staff member, but you’ll also get to enjoy FaceTime with your pup whenever you desire, so that you can always see your fuzzy buddy even while you’re away on your trip.

603 S Los Angeles St Los Angeles, CA 90014
South Park Doggie Playland DTLA

South Park Doggie Playland DTLA

It’s all fun and games when your dog stays over at the South Park Doggie Playland! From massive playground play spaces to even a pool, your dog will be spoiled with all kinds of activities to enjoy until it’s time for bed. They’ll be safe with 24-hour supervision and their indoor spaces are climate controlled, ensuring that your dog will always feel nice and comfy. At South Park Doggie Playland, it’s like an amusement park resort just for your pet!

1320 S Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA 90015


While you’re away on holiday, take your pup to WagVille with their 14,000 square feet of fun, play space and cozy cots. Along with their boarding services, they also offer scheduled field trips for your dog to go on an adventure, and a Doggie Shuttle to safely transport your dog to and from WagVille! If your dog really prefers human company, you can even have one of their WagVille attendants spend the night with your pup to ensure they’re relaxed and able to sleep soundly.

2400 N San Fernando Rd Los Angeles, CA 90065

More About Pet Boarding Services in Los Angeles, CA

Even when you’re away from home, your pets still have needs that need to be met in order to maintain a happy and healthy life. This is especially true if you need to be away from home for an extended period of time. While you could have a visiting pet sitter, it doesn’t quite fulfill your pets’ need for socialization and company, and there’s a chance that they may begin to develop anxiety due to your absence. That’s why a pet boarding place can be a great solution to ensuring your pets remain well and content while you’re on your trip away from home.
Pet boarding places offer comfy beds, stimulating playtimes, and loving staff that can help ensure that all your pets’ needs are met from food and water to socializing and exercise. Pets, especially dogs, require a lot of activity and these pet boarding places can ensure they get nice and tired before a good night’s rest. Pet boarding places may also have nice private condos for cats, providing them a calm and relaxing environment with platforms and toys to stay stimulated while keeping them away from the potential stress of being around too many animals.
At TopResearched, we all love our pets and want them to be happy, no matter where we are. That’s why our researchers have searched high and low for the best pet boarding places that will treat your pet the way that you treat them. We use a thorough double-selection process and rigid ranking criteria to ensure that only the absolute best pet boarding places in Los Angeles ever make it onto our list. On TopResearched, you can find your pet the best boarding accommodations in as quick as a few clicks!
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Frequently asked questions

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What Are My Pet’s Health Requirements?

Pet boarding places typically will require that your pets be up to date on their vaccinations and free from infectious diseases as well as parasites such as fleas and ticks. This is to ensure the safety of your pets as well as the pets of others who are enjoying their stay at the pet boarding place.

What If My Pet Requires Medication?

Should your pet require medication, be sure to bring enough to last your pet’s stay and include any important information and instructions that come with the medication to ensure that your pet is properly medicated.

What If My Pet Has a Special Diet?

Should your pet require a special diet, be sure to bring enough to last your pet’s stay. If you’d like to ensure that proper portioning is done, bring your pet’s special diet in separate portions. Some pet boarding places will encourage that you bring the food that your pet is used to having at home anyways to ensure that no upset tummies happen during your fuzzy buddy’s stay.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

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