Top 7 Best Dog Grooming Services in Sacramento

Your four-legged best friend might be thinking you’re just pampering them but giving your dog a proper grooming on a regular basis does more than just keep them clean. A clean coat can help prevent disease and skin conditions. With trimmed nails, your dog’s toes and ankles will be subjected to less stress, and so they will have healthier joints and the ability to walk without issues. All in all, taking your dog to the groomer leads to more than just a clean dog, it leads to a longer life of companionship and joy together. Let TopResearched help you find the right dog groomers in Sacramento, so that you can relax knowing that your dog is both being treated kindly while being given the best clean and treatment possible! [more]

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Allie's Paw Spa

Allie’s Paw Spa

Born into a family of groomers and animal rescuers, Allie brings generations of animal care to you with the services of Allie’s Paw Spa. Her knowledge in both animal behavior and in grooming techniques will ensure that your pet is given the best treatment possible and left feeling cleaner, healthier, and ready to enjoy more adventures with you. She uses paraben-free, organic, and homemade products that further enhance your pet’s grooming experience!

Bath & Biscuits

Bath & Biscuits

Owned by Lisa Geren, the Bath & Biscuits team is made up of dedicated pet lovers and offers a variety of full-service grooming options for your dog to be pampered with! What makes Bath & Biscuits stand out is that your dogs will always be groomed by certified Canine Stylists, providing your dog an exceptional level of quality grooming every time they visit. Uniquely, they also offer a Self-Service Dog Wash as well as Service Memberships for those who love treating their dog regularly to a nice day out to the grooming spa!

Friends of Bailee

Friends of Bailee

Your loveable dog deserves a calm and relaxing experience at the spa! With Friends of Bailee, your pet will be given personalized one-on-one care to ensure they’re given lots of love while they’re pampered with a variety of grooming treatments available. To top off your dog’s wonderful day at the spa, they’ll even get a cute bow or bandana to add to their spectacular and groomed appearance!

6622 Freeport Blvd # 4 Sacramento, CA 95822
Fur-nando's Groom Room

Fur-nando’s Groom Room

For over 10 years, Fur-nando’s Groom Room has been providing a premium grooming experience for Sacramento’s favorite four-legged best friends. From Full Groom Services to individual touch-up services for your pet’s unique needs, Fernando has the skills and pet knowledge to keep your dog looking amazing and refreshed. Fur-nando’s Groom Room also offers a Self-Service Dog Wash Service for owners who need a facility to wash their pet.

8194 Florin Rd Sacramento, CA 95828
Pet Stylista

Pet Stylista

Founded by Peni Wilson, interior designer turned pet grooming professional, Pet Stylista offers a comprehensive selection of grooming services to ensure that your cats and dogs are kept clean, happy, and healthy! She prides herself on the use of eco-friendly products to make a positive impact on the environment, so that your pets and all animals can enjoy a happier world.

2717 Broadway Sacramento, CA 95818
Wagging Tailz Pet Spa & Lounge

Wagging Tailz Pet Spa & Lounge

Kindness is the secret ingredient to the how Wagging Tailz makes every four-legged guest a happy one! Along with their full suite of services from baths to haircuts, they also offer oil treatments and even oatmeal baths to give your pet even healthier skin and fur. They also pride themselves on hand drying instead of using a hot dryer, for a 100% gentle grooming experience. Keep your furry best friend’s tail wagging with Wagging Tailz as your pet groomer!

1304 Fulton Ave Suite I Sacramento, CA 95825
We Love Paws Pet Grooming Salon

We Love Paws Pet Grooming Salon

Founded by Annie Warren, We Love Paws Pet Grooming Salon has been helping pet owners for over 15 years, giving cats and dogs the shiny coats and healthy skin that they deserve, so that they can live longer and happier lives with you. For affordable prices, you can give your four-legged friend a comprehensive grooming treatment that cleans them from head to tail!

5495 Carlson Dr Suite D Sacramento, CA 95819

More About Dog Grooming Services in Sacramento, CA

Without proper grooming, a dog’s health can become greatly impacted by the changes in their fur and skin. Skin disease and other complications can arise, leading to inconvenient or even painful issues for your four-legged friend, which in turn can lead to less of a life to enjoy together with you. With a professional dog groomer, you can keep your pet clean and healthy, which leads to a happier companion! TopResearched has searched high and low to find the best dog groomers in Sacramento, so that you don’t have to waste a minute looking for one yourself. Your furry friend is counting on you to help them stay healthy, clean, and happy—treat them to the best groomers with the help of TopResearched!
Dog groomers are specialized professionals who’ve learned how to properly groom dogs of all sorts of breeds. Different breeds of dogs may have different grooming demands due to their size, fur type, and even their breed’s temperament. But with a dog groomer, you can rest easy knowing that they’ve both the tools and the knowledge to give your dog the best treatment and grooming they need to stay clean and healthy, so that they can enjoy a longer lifetime of fun and companionship with you!
At TopResearched, we love our pets just as much as you do. Having a dog is a serious investment that promises many years of joy and friendship, but your dog needs you to help ensure that it stays healthy so that it can remain by your side. Using our double-selection process and our stringent ranking criteria, our researchers are able to gather, analyze, and compare the many dog groomers in Sacramento before deciding who gets featured on our list—that way you’ll only ever find the best groomers for your furry companion whenever you visit our site!
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Frequently asked questions

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Why Should My Dog Be Regularly Groomed?

Grooming your dog can help in a variety of ways that lead to better overall health and general happiness for your furry companion. Brushing, for example, helps your dog’s coat and skin breath, removing old hair from the coat and making room for healthy hair to grow strong. Giving your dog a bath can help regulate what oils your dog’s skin produces, which in turn keeps their pores clear and their skin health in good condition. These are just two examples of how grooming helps, but every aspect of dog grooming addresses a different part of your dog’s health—so when you treat them to a full day of grooming, you’re giving them a full boost to their health!

How Can I Provide My Dog with a Safe Grooming?

Professional groomers use everything from dog-safe tools and grooming products to pet-safe drying methods to ensure that your pet is given a calm and loving grooming experience. But should you choose to try grooming your dog on your own, you’ll want to research into dog-safe shampoos, dog-safe dryers, and even into how to properly hand dry your dog if your pet is afraid of loud noises.

What Issues Can Arise from a Lack of Grooming?

A couple of the most notable issues that happen from lack of grooming is hair matting and bad cases of dandruff, but these make up some of the surface issues that occur. Without proper and regular grooming, your dog could begin to experience skin health issues such as bacterial infections and parasites. Those more complicated issues can then lead to further harm to your dog’s health and happiness. But regular grooming can help keep those issues at bay!

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

TopResearched uses a Reputation Metric to give our readers a solid idea of a dog groomer’s ability, quality of service, and their trustworthiness. Our researchers look into factors such as average review scores, variety of grooming services, and even how well they interact with their audience on social media. After collecting enough information, our research team can give that dog groomer a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad. This also has an effect during the final phase of our double-selection process.

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