Top 7 Best Pet Boarding Services in Sacramento

From extended business trips to vacations to other countries, there are times and places where you can’t bring your favorite pet along for the ride. When those happen, a pet boarding place can be the ideal way to ensure that your pet or pets are being well taken care of while you’re gone. From play time to food, water, and a comfy bed, you can be sure that your lovable pets are getting the pampering they deserve. With TopResearched, you can make sure that your pets are getting the best in pet boarding. Using our double-selection process and our stringent ranking criteria, our pet-loving researchers have found the Top Pet Boarding Places in Sacramento for you, so that you’ll know that your pets will be safe and happy while you’re away from home. [more]

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Animal Den

Animal Den

Whether you have cats, dogs, or both, your furry friends are in good hands when they’re at the Animal Den. Featuring extra facilities like the Swim Center and The Local Bark Park, your four-legged companions will be provided the stimulation and tender care that they deserve while you’re away on your trip. They offer both nightly rates as well as a combination of multi-day passes to make reserving a spot for your pet easy!

4060 Power Inn Road Sacramento, CA 95826
Arcade Creek Kennels

Arcade Creek Kennels

For over 15 years, the family-owned Arcade Creek Kennels has been providing a safe and caring environment for a variety of pets ranging from cats and dogs to rabbits and more. They work as an off-leash facility unless you wish to provide a leash for your dog. With a whole acre of play space for your pet to enjoy, you can relax knowing that your fuzzy companion will have the comfort, food, and space to exercise while you’re away.

5441 Hackberry Ln Sacramento, CA 95841
Cha Cha's Doggie Daycare

Cha Cha’s Doggie Daycare

At Cha Cha’s Doggie Daycare, they believe that every dog deserves more than just a comfortable place to rest—they deserve stimulation and activity, and personalized care that matches their individual needs. By providing care based on a dog’s life stage, they’re able to ensure that your four-legged best friend is given the absolute best treatment. With over 20 years of experience in caring for dogs, your pets will be in great hands!

910 57th St Sacramento, CA 95819
Elite Dogs Training & Boarding

Elite Dogs Training & Boarding

It’s all in the name! At Elite Dogs Training & Boarding, your dogs are given the premium experience from free-movement Indoor/Outdoor Kennels (indoor-only ones available for your shy companions and those who simply love the indoors more) to an outdoor pool that’s temperature-controlled and surrounded by a Beach Play fun area. For that extra pampering of your four-legged companion, Elite Dogs even offers daily brushing and additional games that you can inquire about.

3500 W Capitol Ave West Sacramento, CA 95691
Grateful Dog Daycare

Grateful Dog Daycare

Give your dogs the best in boarding and care with Grateful Dog Daycare! From cage-free boarding to off-leash daycare playtime, your dogs are given the freedom to be themselves and have fun while under the supervision and care of their day and overnight staff. With round-the-clock staffing, your furry pals will never be left unattended, and their every need will be tended to.

430 17th St Sacramento, CA 95811
Pat's Boarding Place for Cats

Pat’s Boarding Place for Cats

Since 1978, Pat’s Boarding Place for Cats has been providing the feline friends of many with the comfiest and most loving environment for when their owners need to be away from home. From their condos with a window view to Deluxe Suites and “Catio” enclosures, there’s a plethora of options to pamper your cats with while you’re out of town. To ensure that your cats are always kept happy, they offer playtime and TLC with no extra-charge!

3570 Airport Rd Sacramento, CA 95834
Wag Hotels

Wag Hotels

When you want your pets to have a true luxury experience, Wag Hotels has what you and your four-legged friends are looking for! From temperature-controlled and private suites to classical music and 24/7 service, your pets will be given the best of the best while you’re away on your vacation or business trip. What’s more, they even have their own splash pool and Wagkiki Beach play area for your pets to enjoy the outdoors!

1759 Enterprise Blvd West Sacramento, CA 95691

More About Pet Boarding Services in Sacramento, CA

From dogs and cats to other critters too, your pets are an important part of your life, a part of your family. But when you need to go on a business trip, or you simply want to take a vacation, your pets will need a way to stay safe, fed, and stimulated without your presence. That’s when you need a pet boarding place. But more importantly, you need one that you can trust to give your pet the same love and care that you always give your furry companion when you are home. TopResearched has fortunately found the best ones out there in Sacramento, so that you can rest easy when you’re out of town, knowing that your “fur baby” is being kept comfortable and cheery while they await your return.
Pet boarding places can offer a variety of accommodations and treats for your pets. From various types of condos and rooms to a bevy of entertainment features to keep your pet stimulated, you can expect a quality boarding place to provide a healthy mix of all of the above so that your pet can feel right at home and be kept in a happy mood until they’re back home with you. Also, some pet boarding places will also offer training programs for your pets if you feel like teaching your pet a few new things!
TopResearched is made up of pet lovers just like you. We know how much your pet deserves the best, and that’s why we set out to find the absolute best pet boarding places in all of Sacramento, so that you won’t have to deal with any guesswork while you’re trying to plan your next trip. Through our double-selection process and by using our stringent ranking criteria to screen each pet boarding place, we’re able to make sure that only the best is ever featured on our site!
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