Top 7 Best Pet Boarding Services in San Diego

It’s hard to leave your pet behind when you need to take a trip out of town. Without your company, your pet can begin to get stressed and anxious, which can lead to stress-based behaviors and harm to your pet’s health. Keep your pets safe and cared for when you bring them to a pet boarding place, where there will be professionals and facilities that can meet your pets’ needs just like you do when you’re back home. But there are a lot of pet boarding places out there—that’s why TopResearched has done the hard work of searching and found the best ones in and around San Diego, so that all you need to do is look through our list to find the pet boarding place that will give your pets the love and attention that they deserve! [more]

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24 Hour Dog Daycare

24 Hour Dog Daycare

From all-day play to all the human interaction your dogs need, 24-Hour Dog Daycare lives up to its name as they’ll make sure that your dogs are kept safe and entertained at all times. Whether your dog is a social butterfly or enjoys being alone, 24-Hour Dog Daycare will make sure they’re accommodated according to their preferences. Also be sure to ask them about their multi-day discounts!

Dog Days San Diego

Dog Days San Diego

Founded by dog enthusiasts Jeff and Tammy back in 2010, Dog Days is built from the ground up to be a place for dogs to learn, grow, and enjoy a loving environment while their human companions are away from home. Every day is designed to encourage positive growth in social interaction while also being treated to a variety of playtimes and activities exercise and fun. Have a busy schedule? They even have a doggy bus service to transport your pup to and from your home!

11209 N Tatum Blvd #210 # 210 Phoenix, AZ 85028
Fon Jon Pet Care Center

Fon Jon Pet Care Center

For over 70 years, the Fon Jon Pet Care Center has been offering a home-away-from-home for the pets of San Diego. For your dogs, they’ll have access to their own indoor and outdoor kennel room/patio. Fon Jon offers their own bedding options, treats, toys, and more to ensure that your dog enjoys their stay. Meanwhile, your feline pals will have their own private indoor condos that lead to an outdoor patio where they can sunbathe as they please. Give your furry buddies a vacation of their own at Fon Jon Pet Care Center!

5050 Santa Fe St. San Diego, CA 92109
Markim Pet Resort

Markim Pet Resort

For your canine and feline pals, the Markim Pet Resort can offer a safe and playful haven for them to stay while you’re away. Along with their boarding, they offer treats, toys, and even a swimming pool for your canine companion. Meanwhile, your feline friends will be treated to their own private quarters and a lounge where they can have supervised playtime. They also offer full-service grooming, if you’re interested in giving your pet a marvelous grooming before the end of their stay!

4393 Carmel Valley Rd San Diego, CA 92130
Pacific Beach Pet Care

Pacific Beach Pet Care

Every dog should get the attention that they deserve—that’s how Pacific Beach Pet Care treats all their furry guests when they come for pet boarding! By maintaining a certain number of dogs at any time, they’re able to ensure that every dog is getting the love and interaction that they require. As certified animal behavior experts, they offer top quality dog training for those interested, and they’ll make sure that your dogs who are boarding overnight are tended to for all their needs.

1646 Pacific Beach Dr San Diego, CA 92109
Paw Commons Pet Resort

Paw Commons Pet Resort

From Comfy Rooms and Luxury Suites to playtimes and multiple potty breaks, your dog will be pampered and loved as they should be at the Paw Commons Pet Resort! Entertain and spoil your pup with a plush bed and a flat screen TV when you upgrade to the Luxury Suite. The Paw Commons Pet Resort also offers dog training programs and grooming, whether you’d like to teach your dog a few new things or give them a refreshing bath before you pick them up!

3915 9th Ave San Diego, CA 92103
Wags & Ruffs

Wags & Ruffs

When you need to take a trip out of town, let your canine companions have fun all day and get tucked in at night at Wags & Ruffs. From daycare activities during the day and relaxing time in the evening, your dog will be kept entertained, supervised, and loved by their professional staff. They also offer individual playtime sessions, like one-on-one fetch. Want your dog to have a little more socialization? Try their pack walks!

4085 Pacific Hwy Unit 102 San Diego, CA 92110

More About Pet Boarding Services in San Diego, CA

A lot of pets, especially our canine and feline buddies, need a healthy amount of love and attention every day in order to maintain a happy state of mind and to get the stimulation and exercise they need to stay physically healthy too. But when business calls or it’s time for a vacation away from home, your pets will need someone to ensure that they’re kept busy, stimulated, and given all the love they deserve until your return. That’s where a pet boarding place comes in! With their professional staff and a variety of play and care facilities, a pet boarding place is the perfect way to ensure that your pet is given the food, play, and company that they need to stay entertained until they can enjoy more adventures with you.
Pet boarding places are run by trained animal experts who’ve years of experience in working with various animals of different breeds. Along with their boarding services, they often have daycare and play-related services that can offer your pet the daytime activity they need to be properly exercised, socialized, and of course, loved. But each pet boarding place is unique—some offer unique services that can further enhance your pet’s experience, such as off-site walks on the beach or pet bus services to make transporting your pet even easier.
At TopResearched, we’re all animal lovers and when we have to leave home, we like to make sure our own pets are safe and sound. That’s why we set out to search and find the very best pet boarding places available in and around San Diego, so that our pets and yours can both be given the love they need when we’re not there to give it ourselves. Our double-selection process and rigid ranking criteria helps ensure that only the best of the best ever get featured on our list, so all you have to do is simply pick up the phone and call the one that speaks (or barks/meows) to you!
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Frequently asked questions

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What Are My Pet’s Health Requirements?

Pet boarding places require that you present your pets’ updated vaccine records prior to boarding, to ensure that your pet will be safe as well as ensure the safety of the other pet guests staying there. Your pet should also be free of any other infectious diseases and free of parasites such as fleas or ticks. Make sure to have your vaccination records ready before contacting a pet boarding place.

What If My Pet Has a Special Diet?

If your pet has a special diet or has a sensitive stomach that only takes to a certain type of pet food, it is important to bring enough for your pet’s stay. While some pet boarding places will offer their own food, many do recommend you provide your pet’s favorite food to ensure no tummies get upset.

What If My Pet Requires Medication?

If your pet requires medication of any sort, be sure to provide enough to last your pet’s stay and to provide instructions on how to properly administer that medication—that way the pet boarding place’s professional staff will be able to ensure that your pet is kept safe and healthy!

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

TopResearched uses a Reputation Metric to help our readers get a comprehensive idea of a pet boarding place’s overall quality. By analyzing factors such as average review scores, customer stories, social media engagement, and variety of services, our researchers can award a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad. This also plays a role in the final phase of our double-selection process, where we decide who gets to be featured on our list of the Top Pet Boarding Places in San Diego.

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