Top 7 Best Pet Boarding Services in Lexington

Taking a vacation is good for you! But whether your leaving town for the holidays or because business demands it, your pet will need to continue receiving the love and care that it’s used to getting from you. A visiting pet sitter can only provide so much, but a pet boarding place can provide the entertainment and 24/7 supervision that will keep your pet stimulated and cheery for the duration of your trip. But not all pet boarding places are made equal—your pet deserves a comfy bed, enough playtime and exercise to keep them happy and worn out, and of course, the tender loving care that can only come from pet-loving humans. TopResearched can help by bringing to you the absolute best pet boarding places available in and around the Anaheim area, so that you can reserve your pet a boarding room with confidence! [more]

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All Creatures' Inn

All Creatures’ Inn

From highly qualified staff to their secure indoor boarding areas outfitted with security alarms, All Creatures’ Inn is dedicated to the comfort and security of your pets while you’re away from home. They offer separate accommodations for cats and dogs, providing them with multiple play times every day to ensure that your pets are getting the stimulation and entertainment they need to remain content and stress-free while they await your return.

1909 Catnip Hill Rd Nicholasville, KY 40356
Central Kentucky Pet Resort

Central Kentucky Pet Resort

Treat your furry buddies to a kennel-free experience when they stay in one of the comfy suites of the Central Kentucky Pet Resort! While your canine buddies are relaxing in their suites, your feline pals can stay comfortable and play in their own spacious condos, nicely kept away from the dogs for a stress-free environment. From 24/7 staff to pet webcams, Central Kentucky Pet Resort has everything to ensure that your pets are kept safe and sound while given all the love they need, meanwhile you’ll always have a way to check in on your furry buddies whenever you start missing them!

1364 Lexington Rd. Suite 100 Georgetown, KY 40324
K9 Safari: Pet Sitting, Dog Boarding, Dog Walking and Pet services

K9 Safari: Pet Sitting, Dog Boarding, Dog Walking and Pet services

Give your dog a home-away-from-home experience with K9 Safari! Along with acres of green play space outside and climate-controlled playrooms inside, your dog will be treated to a kennel-free experience during their stay, where they can lounge around, relax, and enjoy a home environment that’ll keep them comfy until they get to see you once again. They also offer a convenient shuttle service for your dogs!

1833 Normandy Rd Lexington, KY 40504
LexPets: Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding and Retail

LexPets: Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding and Retail

While you’re away from home, give your pets the entertainment and cuddles they need at LexPets! During the day, dogs get to enjoy two whole play areas where they can interact with loving staff and other friendly canine neighbors. Meanwhile, cats get to enjoy their own dog-free “Catz Park Inn” where they can lounge around, play with toys, and enjoy daily playtimes with the caring staff. Want your dog to learn new tricks? LexPets also offers dog training!

2111 Capstone Dr #150 # 150 Lexington, KY 40511
The Local Wag

The Local Wag

Bring your dogs down to the Local Wag when you need a safe, comfortable, and caring space for them while you’re away from home. From spacious kennels with beds to fun and exciting daycare activities to keep your pup stimulated and active, the Local Wag has everything your dog needs to keep smiling and their tail wagging. They also feature a retail store featuring pet food for all kinds of pet diets, treats, pet supplements, and other kinds of pet supplies that you may need to keep your dog living a long and healthy life.

371 Thompson Rd Lexington, KY 40508
Uptown Hounds

Uptown Hounds

Since 2006, Uptown Hounds has been providing a premier boarding experience for many of Lexington’s four-legged best friends. From a large 30’ by 50’ saltwater pool to a massive indoor and outdoor play areas, their canine guests get access to a plethora of ways to play, interact, and lounge around. They also feature their own boutique store, if you’d like to pick up a few high-quality dog toys, accessories, and treats as souvenirs for your dog’s marvelous stay!

466 Angliana Ave Lexington, KY 40508
Wildcat Country Dog Retreat

Wildcat Country Dog Retreat

Run and owned by Elisabeth Bruner-Dials, Wildcat Country Dog Retreat is a local dog boarding place that’s perfect for your four-legged best friends. From acres of green space to run and frolic to comfortable space to rest after a long day of play, your pup will also be pampered with multiple potty breaks and play times. At Wildcat Country Dog Retreat, they make it a point to only offer one-on-one care and interaction with their four-legged residents, instead of having group play. That’s because at Wildcat Country Dog Retreat, every dog is special, and their safety and contentment matter the most.

1148 Keene Troy Pike Versailles, KY 40383

More About Pet Boarding Services in Lexington, KY

Pets are wonderful companions to have in our lives, but they have a lot of needs just like we do. Beyond food and water, our pets need stimulation and interaction to remain content and free from stress. But when we need to leave home for a while, our pets will need to be cared for and have their needs met until our return. Fortunately, a pet boarding place can help solve all of that with services to entertain your pet, keep them fed, and spoil them with extras like classical music, treats in toys, and of course, lots of cuddles from loving staff members!
Pet boarding places offer a safe and fun space for your pet while you’re away from home. Their staff are pet professionals who can offer a variety of services to enrich your pet’s stay, whether it’s supervised playtimes with canine neighbors, training lessons, or even a stop at the grooming center if they have one—all in all, a stay at a pet boarding place can be like a mini-vacation for your own pet! Some even have their own specialty pet stores attached, where they offer a variety of pet treats and toys to spoil your dog even after their stay.
TopResearched is dedicated to helping you find the best pet boarding places that will look out for your pet’s happiness and wellbeing—after all, we’re pet lovers too, and we like to know that our own pets are being cared for by the best! With our team of researchers, we’ve gathered, analyzed, and compared the many pet boarding places of Anaheim to make sure that the very top ones make it onto our list. We’d only recommend the ones that we’d use ourselves!
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Frequently asked questions

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What Are My Pet’s Health Requirements?

Pet boarding places typically require that your pets have been updated on their vaccinations and are free of infectious diseases and pests. This requirement is to ensure the safety and health of your pet as well as the rest of their furry neighbors staying at the pet boarding place.

What If My Pet Requires Medication?

Should your pet require medication to maintain their health, be sure to bring enough doses to take care of your pet for the duration of their stay. Be sure to also include your pet’s medication instructions to ensure proper administration.

What If My Pet Has a Special Diet?

Should your pet require a special diet or has a sensitive stomach and needs to stick to their usual food, be sure to bring your pet’s special diet along with them and enough to last their stay at the pet boarding place. If specific portioning is important, you can have the food portioned prior to bringing it to the pet boarding place.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

Your pet is precious to you, just like how we treasure our own pets—that’s why TopResearched takes great care to find the best pet boarding places there are. Part of how we determine this is through our Reputation Metric. Our researchers look into factors such as average review scores, customer stories, and variety of services as well as extras. Once enough information has been collected, our researchers then award a pet boarding place a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad. This also plays a role in the final phase of our double-selection process, before it is decided who will be featured on our list!

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