Top 7 Best Pet Boarding Services in Louisville

Taking a vacation is good for you! But whether your leaving town for the holidays or because business demands it, your pet will need to continue receiving the love and care that it’s used to getting from you. A visiting pet sitter can only provide so much, but a pet boarding place can provide the entertainment and 24/7 supervision that will keep your pet stimulated and cheery for the duration of your trip. But not all pet boarding places are made equal—your pet deserves a comfy bed, enough playtime and exercise to keep them happy and worn out, and of course, the tender loving care that can only come from pet-loving humans. TopResearched can help by bringing to you the absolute best pet boarding places available in and around the Anaheim area, so that you can reserve your pet a boarding room with confidence! [more]

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Almost Home Boarding & Training

Almost Home Boarding & Training

At the Almost Home Boarding & Training, your dogs, cats, and any other pets will be treated to a fun and loving environment, where it’s just as fun indoors as it is outside! Along with their outdoor runs and play yards for your dogs, cats will be treated to their own window view to the outside wildlife. Have exotic pets? Whether you have a hoppity rabbit or a pocket-sized guinea pig, they can accommodate your pet and ensure that they’re kept happy and entertained while you’re away from home.

1219 Dorsey Ln Louisville, KY 40223
Dogwood Kennels

Dogwood Kennels

For over 30 years, the family-owned Dogwood Kennels has been offering a relaxing and stimulating place for your dogs and cats. Along with their luxurious suites, they offer 24/7 supervision, playtimes, and climate-controlled resting areas for your pets’ comfort and safety. Your pets will even have calming music playing, so that they can rest to the sounds of ocean waves and waterfalls. You can also treat your pets to a nice grooming before they return to your arms!

15811 Shelbyville Rd Louisville, KY 40245
Happy Hounds Middletown

Happy Hounds Middletown

More than 3,500 square feet of play areas await your four-legged best friend when they stay at Happy Hounds! They offer crate-free boarding options for your pup, and their staff can ensure that your fuzzy buddy is given the play and socialization they need to get their exercise in and to feel loved! They also offer grooming services, if you’d like your dog to look marvelous as you return home with them!

12107 Shelbyville Rd Louisville, KY 40243
The Highland Dog

The Highland Dog

Give your dog a vacation of their own when they stay at the Highland Dog. From cozy places to rest to multiple playtimes and potty breaks, the fun will never end until it’s time to go back home with you. They also offer treats with their training programs and they keep their clients updated on their fuzzy buddies with regular posts to their Facebook page. As a winner of the Angie’s List 2013 Super Service Award, your pup is sure to love their stay at the Highland Dog!

1962 Roanoke Ave Louisville, KY 40205
Kentucky Humane Society Eastpoint Pet Resort

Kentucky Humane Society Eastpoint Pet Resort

From indoor resting areas and playtimes to even Dog TV and aquariums for your feline buddies, the Kentucky Humane Society’s Pet Resort is a truly luxurious experience for your pet where they’ll be given the entertainment and socializing that they need to remain content while you’re away on your trip. What’s more, they also offer grooming services to have your pet looking fresh and clean before it’s time to return home with you. Have multiple pets? You can either have your pets given private rooms or you can even have them share a room so that they can remain in each other’s company.

13310 Magisterial Dr Louisville, KY 40223
The Pet Station Country Club

The Pet Station Country Club

Come on down to the Pet Station Country Club when your pet needs a lovely place to stay and loving staff to pamper them while you’re away. From their comfy raised beds and over 4,000 square feet of indoor space to an outdoor trail and a doggy pool to splash and play, your dog will be spoiled with all the fun they’re sure to have. Upgrade your dog’s room to really treat them with DogTV, couches, and even a personal fenced yard.

4800 Murphy Ln Louisville, KY 40241
Royalton Kennels

Royalton Kennels

Treat your pets to the royal treatment at Royalton Kennels. Along with a play yard, your dog will be accommodated with spacious 19-foot-long runs that give them the indoor and outdoor space they need to exercise, lounge around, and enjoy their stay. Royalton Kennels also offers boarding for cats, rabbits, ferrets, and even birds—whether your companion has fur or feathers, they’ll love their stay here!

8620 Old Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY 40291

More About Pet Boarding Services in Louisville, KY

Pets are wonderful companions to have in our lives, but they have a lot of needs just like we do. Beyond food and water, our pets need stimulation and interaction to remain content and free from stress. But when we need to leave home for a while, our pets will need to be cared for and have their needs met until our return. Fortunately, a pet boarding place can help solve all of that with services to entertain your pet, keep them fed, and spoil them with extras like classical music, treats in toys, and of course, lots of cuddles from loving staff members!
Pet boarding places offer a safe and fun space for your pet while you’re away from home. Their staff are pet professionals who can offer a variety of services to enrich your pet’s stay, whether it’s supervised playtimes with canine neighbors, training lessons, or even a stop at the grooming center if they have one—all in all, a stay at a pet boarding place can be like a mini-vacation for your own pet! Some even have their own specialty pet stores attached, where they offer a variety of pet treats and toys to spoil your dog even after their stay.
TopResearched is dedicated to helping you find the best pet boarding places that will look out for your pet’s happiness and wellbeing—after all, we’re pet lovers too, and we like to know that our own pets are being cared for by the best! With our team of researchers, we’ve gathered, analyzed, and compared the many pet boarding places of Anaheim to make sure that the very top ones make it onto our list. We’d only recommend the ones that we’d use ourselves!
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Frequently asked questions

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What Are My Pet’s Health Requirements?

Pet boarding places typically require that your pets have been updated on their vaccinations and are free of infectious diseases and pests. This requirement is to ensure the safety and health of your pet as well as the rest of their furry neighbors staying at the pet boarding place.

What If My Pet Requires Medication?

Should your pet require medication to maintain their health, be sure to bring enough doses to take care of your pet for the duration of their stay. Be sure to also include your pet’s medication instructions to ensure proper administration.

What If My Pet Has a Special Diet?

Should your pet require a special diet or has a sensitive stomach and needs to stick to their usual food, be sure to bring your pet’s special diet along with them and enough to last their stay at the pet boarding place. If specific portioning is important, you can have the food portioned prior to bringing it to the pet boarding place.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

Your pet is precious to you, just like how we treasure our own pets—that’s why TopResearched takes great care to find the best pet boarding places there are. Part of how we determine this is through our Reputation Metric. Our researchers look into factors such as average review scores, customer stories, and variety of services as well as extras. Once enough information has been collected, our researchers then award a pet boarding place a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad. This also plays a role in the final phase of our double-selection process, before it is decided who will be featured on our list!

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