Top 7 Best Dog Grooming Services in Baltimore

From playtimes in the living room to adventures full of fetch and exploring at the park, much like us, your dog’s bound to start picking up dust, dirt, and a plethora of other things as the days go by. Eventually, they may start to look a little dirty, and a luxurious bath at the groomers could be just the ticket to making your pup look squeaky clean and refreshed. But grooming goes beyond just looking great—it’s healthy for your furry best friend and helps ensure a long, happy life together with you! TopResearched can help you find the best dog grooming places in Anaheim to ensure that your dog is not only given the best looks, but is also treated with respect, love, and care. [more]

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Diamond Dogs Grooming

Diamond Dogs Grooming

Give your precious pets the five-star grooming that they deserve at Diamond Dogs Grooming! Through their gentle washing, drying, and handling techniques, Diamond Dogs changes the grooming experience into something enjoyable for your pet, so that they’ll be smiling with tails wagging when they’re done. To ensure a stress-free environment, they offer a free-roaming area for your dog to relax and enjoy the feel of being nice and clean!

5424 Harford Rd Baltimore, MD 21214
Groom Haven

Groom Haven

Founded early in 2021, Groom Haven has already made a splash with their premium full-service grooming options for your four-legged friends. They’ll work with any dog breed, no matter the size, and if you have feline friends too, they can help groom them too. Inquire about their Spa (Half) Day Treatment, if you’re feeling like really spoiling your pet!

41 E Fort Ave # 1 Baltimore, MD 21230
Loyal Companion

Loyal Companion

Loyal Companion is about giving your four-legged best friend the best grooming and bath experience possible, and with their full suite of services available you can be sure that they’ll be able to help your dog feel fresh and clean, no matter the breed. If you’d like to give your dog some one-on-one grooming yourself, they also offer their own self-wash facilities. Even if your dog is getting older in their years, Loyal Companion has the special services to give your old pal the love and care they need while tending to their cleanliness.

3600 Boston St Baltimore, MD 21224
Pet Care Extraordinaire

Pet Care Extraordinaire

Since 2002, the team at Pet Care Extraordinaire has been keeping dogs looking youthful and clean with fresh coats and big smiles. They offer several packages, including haircuts, baths, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Does your dog only need its nails done? They offer walk-in appointments when your dog needs a quick nail trim!

Robin's Doggie Designs

Robin’s Doggie Designs

For over 30 years, pet owners like you have been pampering their pets at Robin’s Doggie Designs. They offer a full-service grooming for their clients every time, giving your dog the clean they need from snout to tail. But if you feel like giving your dog a bath yourself, they also offer their own self-bathing facilities, so that you can have that interaction with your four-legged best friend without messing up your own home!

10120 Bird River Rd Baltimore, MD 21220
Scrub-A-Dub Dog

Scrub-A-Dub Dog

When your dog needs a quality trim, Scrub-A-Dub Dog has the dedicated hair stylists to wash and trim your dog’s coat, so that they’re always looking neat and proper! Their stylists can perform a variety of styles and can handle dogs of any breed. What’s more, they’re also attached to a Daycare and Boarding service, making them convenient for when you need your dog to be cared for throughout the day while you’re busy.

3500 Ash St Baltimore, MD 21211
Wash the Wag

Wash the Wag

From their eco- and pet-friendly bath products to their Hydrosurge bathing units, Wash the Wag is fully equipped to give your pup a five-star grooming! Even if your dog has sensitive skin, they have the equipment and the products to give your dog the clean it needs while keeping it comfortable and content. Once your dog is nice and clean, you can browse their pet storefront for treats, pet food, and toys that your dog is sure to enjoy!

3510 Harford Rd Baltimore, MD 21218

More About Dog Grooming Services in Baltimore, MD

Our dogs need a regular grooming just as we need a regular wash ourselves—but unlike us, our dogs might need a little help to ensure that they don’t get matted fur, trapped dirt within their coat, or even little nasty parasites hitching a ride. That’s what a dog grooming place is for! Your dog deserves to look fantastic, and with the health benefits of a nice grooming, they can enjoy many more adventures with you for many years to come!
Dog grooming places provide a vital service for our four-legged best friends, whether they’re in a need of a regular grooming or in need of an emergency clean-up after a dip in the mud. But they go beyond simply cleaning up our pups of dirt and grime—dog groomers also can help with spotting skin conditions and other external health concerns. With their expert eyes, pet-safe products, and specialized grooming tools, a dog grooming place is like a bath and a health check all in one!
We’re all dog lovers here at TopResearched—it’s why we want to make sure that our dogs are only ever taken to the best groomers, to give them a good wash and ensure that our furry buddies are staying healthy. Using our double-selection process and stringent ranking criteria, our researchers are able to collect and filter for the absolute best dog grooming places in and around the Anaheim area, so that you too can give your pup the best wash ever, so that you can continue to enjoy more adventures and cuddles together!
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We find the industry experts in your area through a double-selection process of research, comparison, and verification. During the first stage, we gather the experts based on a single industry in your area that match our preliminary standards. Then, for the second stage, we use our stringent rating criteria to begin further separating the highest ranked from the rest collected. This helps make sure that you’re only seeing the best of the best industry experts in your area!
Here’s a breakdown of the rating criteria that our researchers use to sort the best from the rest before placing them into our curated lists:

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Frequently asked questions

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Why Should My Dog Be Regularly Groomed?

A regular grooming can help keep your dog clean as well as maintain their external health. Washing and brushing aids in ventilating your dog’s coat, refreshing their skin, and removing grease and dirt. Meanwhile, a groomer can also inspect your pup to make sure there are no developing health concerns.

How Can I Provide My Dog with a Safe Grooming?

By taking your furry buddy to the groomer’s, you’re offering your dog a safe place to get cleaned and checked up. Professional groomers have the knowledge, the tools, and the expertise to groom your dog in a safe manner, and they know how to spot for external health concerns and recommend solutions. All in all, taking your dog to the groomer’s can help ensure a longer and healthier life.

What Issues Can Arise from a Lack of Grooming?

Without proper and regular grooming, your dog can eventually begin to develop health issues such as hair matting, hotspots, dandruff buildup, and even disease-spreading parasites. None of these issues should be left alone, and they all can lead to further complications if allowed to worsen.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

Our dog’s health and safety are important—that’s why TopResearched uses a Reputation Metric to help provide you with a snapshot of a dog grooming place’s overall quality before you go. We take into account factors such as average review scores, variety of grooming services and extras, customer stories, and even social media engagement with clients. With enough information, our researchers can then award a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad.

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