Top 7 Best Workers Compensation Lawyers in Baltimore

Getting hurt on the job can hurt you in all sorts of ways. Physical injury can be just the beginning. Then there’s lost wages, possible long-term effects such as from toxic exposure, and even mental health can be affected. Considering all these potential variables, getting workers’ compensation becomes more important than ever. But when the insurance companies try to hold back on what they give you, it can be a challenge to try getting more compensation to cover your recovery. With a workers’ compensation lawyer, fighting for your rightful compensation becomes possible with their expertise and knowledge. TopResearched can help make the process of finding that lawyer easier too, with the convenience of our easy-to-read lists of the Top Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Baltimore! You’ve no time to lose—find your attorney quick with TopResearched! [more]

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Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg Lawyers Baltimore
  • Reputation: Good
  • Experience: 120+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    10 including Super Lawyers
  • Fees: Free Consultation, Consult About Fee Structure
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A.

Taking on the insurance companies on your own can be a near-insurmountable challenge. For over 40 years, the lawyers of Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenburg have been helping hurt workers like you take the fight to them. They know what it takes to steer a court in your favor—with their strong advocacy, you won’t have to go it alone.

Hyatt & Goldbloom Lawyers Baltimore
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 55+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40
  • Fees: Free Consultation, Consult for Fee Structure
  • Accessibility: B+ (24/7 Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Hyatt & Goldbloom

If you find yourself being offered far too little in workers’ compensation to cover your medical treatments, Hyatt & Goldbloom can help you reach that maximum amount with keen investigation and strong representation. They’ve been helping injured workers for over 30 years, making sure that you get covered for your injuries, even if the insurance companies try to argue otherwise. You’ve worked hard, you deserve a full recovery from your work injuries!

Iamele & Iamele Lawyers Baltimore
  • Reputation: Good
  • Experience: 75+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    3 including The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Fees: Contingency Fee (Ask About Exceptions), Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Iamele & Iamele, LLP

From faulty construction accidents to on-site slip and falls, there’s a variety of ways that an injury can happen. But when an employer or their insurance company tries to play stubborn about covering your pain and suffering, Iamele & Iamele can help set things straight. Through strong representation, they can help you get the compensation you deserve so that you’re properly covered for a full recovery. With Iamele & Iamele on your side, you can focus on healing, instead of your medical bills.

Ingerman & Horwitz Baltimore
  • Reputation: Average
  • Experience: 100+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    Average AVVO score of 6.9 Good
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A (Phone Number, Live Chat, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP

While laws exist to help provide compensation to hurt workers, it is not uncommon for employers and their workers’ compensation insurance companies to try withholding help for your recovery. Should you find yourself in that kind of a situation, Ingerman & Horwitz can provide the legal assistance you need to negotiate and push for the coverage that you deserve after all your hard work. Since 1990, they’ve been helping hundreds of clients in reaching the financial outcomes that they deserve rather than what their employers and insurance companies would prefer.

Miller & Zois, Attorneys at Law Baltimore
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 16+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    6 including Super Lawyers and Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Phone Number, Live Chat, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Miller & Zois, Attorneys at Law

While you should be protected by workers’ compensation laws to ensure that you have the means to get better after a workplace injury, it hasn’t stopped employers from trying to explain away hurt workers and why they shouldn’t qualify for coverage. That’s why Miller & Zois is there to provide the support workers like you need. With their knowledge and strong representation, they can cut through an employer’s defenses and shift negotiations to your favor. Furthermore, they can help you find other avenues of compensation, should the circumstances of your injury make it possible!

Plaxen Adler Muncy Baltimore
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 35+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    41 including Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Phone Number, Live Chat, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Plaxen Adler Muncy, P.A.

With over 41 awards and qualifications, the team of Plaxen Adler Muncy has provided the community of Baltimore with over 35 years of excellence, helping the injured attain the compensation that they rightly deserve. While workers’ compensation laws exist, employers and their insurance companies may try to prevent workers like you from getting the compensation you need to afford the medical bills for your recovery. But with Plaxen Adler Muncy, you can rest easy knowing that you have a team of Super Lawyers with results impressive enough to earn them membership into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

More About Workers Compensation Lawyers in Baltimore, MD

Workers’ Compensation has been in effect since 1902 in the state of Maryland. But even with those measures in place to help workers like you when injury occurs, employers and their workers’ compensation insurance companies will often try to find ways to invalidate your eligibility for coverage. When this happens, it is up to workers’ compensation attorneys to help you get your fair compensation—after all, your hard work has at least earned you that much! But just as with other kinds of injury cases, you have a statute of limitations to make a claim. TopResearched can help speed you on your way with our list of the Top Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Baltimore!
Workers’ compensation lawyers know more than just the workers’ compensation laws of Baltimore. They’re also the experts in educating you on your rights and finding what other means of compensation are available depending on your situation. In some cases, they may be able to find negligence and fault in factors surrounding your case, such as a faulty device or product that was carelessly made by a manufacturer—these attorneys can help you find those other ways of gaining compensation to better ensure a peaceful recovery for you.
We’re consumers and business owners just like yourself—TopResearched only provides the best of the best in workers’ compensation lawyers in Baltimore, to ensure that you get the level of legal service that we would want. After gathering the top workers’ compensation lawyers in the area, our researchers put them through a double-selection process to ensure that only the absolute best of them make it to be featured on our lists. That way, you’ll have access to the top attorneys with just a few clicks, so that you can skip the searching and get right to finding justice.
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How Long Does It Take for a Workers’ Compensation Case to be Settled or Won?

Depending on how complex your workplace injury situation, a workers’ compensation case can take anywhere from a number of weeks to even a couple years. The length of your case can also be affected by the capability of your chosen lawyer, and also how well settlement negotiations go, or if things will need to go to court. Speak with your lawyer about your case and see if they have any insights into how your case may go based on their past experiences. But be prepared to be patient as your lawyer and their team work hard to gather evidence to sway the negotiations or the courtroom in your favor.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

Every law firm that gets analyzed and verified by our research team is given a Reputation ranking. This metric is useful for providing a snapshot of a law firm’s trustworthiness, reliability, and their ability to produce satisfactory results for their clients. Some of the variables that we account for include average review scores, case results, and customer interaction such as through social media. Finally, we award each law firm a rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad. These ranks contribute to our final phase of selection as we decide who gets featured on our heavily curated lists!

What Does a Contingency Fee Mean?

A contingency fee means that an attorney will not charge you for their services until they’ve either settled or won your workers’ compensation case. This also means that should they not succeed in settling your case or winning it in court, you won’t need to pay them anything. This is one of the more ideal fee structures because it accounts for how clients may not be financially ready to hire an attorney when they’ve been unexpectedly injured.

Are Experience and Qualifications/Awards Important?

It is important to consider both of these metrics when deciding on which lawyer you want to have handle your case. Workers’ compensation lawyers with a great deal of experience will likely have a wealth of tactics and strategies to take on your employer and their insurance company. With the knowledge that comes from experience, they may be more adept at settlement negotiations and fighting in the courtroom, making the process possibly easier for you. Meanwhile, a workers’ compensation lawyer with a healthy number of qualifications and awards is a good sign that they’re not just devoted to their field, but they are committed to creating satisfactory results for their clients, ensuring that their clients are properly compensated for their pain and injury.

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