Top 7 Best Truck Accident Lawyers in Columbia

A collision with a truck can be far more calamitous than an accident with a car or a motorcycle—with trucks weighing up to 80,000 pounds, very little makes it out intact after a truck accident, and sadly that means a very high risk of catastrophic injury or even death of those in the truck’s way. But whether you’ve suffered a horrible injury because of a negligent truck driver, or if you’ve lost a dear loved one to that truck driver’s reckless actions, there is a way to pursue justice and find compensation. With the expertise of a truck accident lawyer, you can hold the negligent accountable and press their insurance companies to give the compensation that you truly deserve, instead of the meager amounts that they’d otherwise try to make you accept. TopResearched is here to help make that happen by saving you the runaround and bringing to you the best truck accident lawyers there are in and around Columbia, so that you don’t have to struggle looking for the right advocate! [more]

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Jimeno & Gray, P.A. Columbia Maryland
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 21+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications: 5 including AVVO Rating 10.0 (Superb), and The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A (Phone Number, Live Chat, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Jimeno & Gray, P.A.

For more than 20 years, the team at Jimeno & Gray has been helping those grievously injured in truck accidents find the justice that they need to make the recovery that they deserve. They know how a negligent truck driver can be a terribly destructive force on the road, and to recover from that damage can be a colossal undertaking. With Jimeno & Gray on your side, you’ll have an advocate who will fight for your maximum compensation.

Law Office of Raymond Carignan Columbia Maryland
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 30+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    AVVO Rating 9.8 (Superb)
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B+ (24/7 Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Law Office of Raymond Carignan

An accident can happen at any time, and when a truck accident happens, it can be hard to know who to turn to with the insurance companies trying to push their lowball offers and be done with you. Luckily, there’s the Law Office of Raymond Carignan to help! Available 24/7, Raymond Carignan prides himself on being there when his injured clients need him. He’s already worked over 8,000 cases for clients just like you, and with an AVVO Rating of 9.8, you can count on him to fight hard for your compensation while making sure that you’re being taken care of.

10176 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 202 Ellicott City, MD 21042
McGowan & Cecil, LLC Columbia Maryland
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 100+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    8 including Super Lawyers, and Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

McGowan & Cecil, LLC

Truck accidents can happen fast and leave extreme destruction in its wake. From lifelong injuries to lost loved ones, when a truck accident leaves your life a wreck, the team at McGowan & Cecil can help you piece your life together as best as possible. As a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, they’ve helped past clients like you find justice, and achieve the compensation amounts that they truly deserved, instead of what the insurance companies tried making them accept.

Ruben Law Firm Columbia Maryland
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 30+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    22 including Super Lawyers for 5 Years, and AVVO Rating 10.0 (Superb)
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Phone Number, Live Chat, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Ruben Law Firm

Since 1991, the Ruben Law Firm has stood tall for the injured, including those terribly hurt in truck accidents. Part of what makes attorney David Ruben and his team different from the rest is their strong belief that a client’s trust means everything. That means excellent and regular communication, and personalized strategies to ensure you’re getting the strongest advocacy possible for your truck accident case. You deserve peace and healing after your horrible truck accident—the Ruben Law Firm can help you return to as best a normal life as possible.

Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates Columbia Maryland
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 50+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    8 including AVVO Rating 10.0 (Superb), and Super Lawyers for 10 Years
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B+ (24/7 Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates

The client comes first when you’re at Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates. Whether you’ve experienced an awful injury because of a truck accident, or a loved one has died because of a truck driver’s negligence, they’ll take on the insurance companies and the trucking industry on your behalf because your story matters. For the past ten years, they’ve been recognized by Super Lawyers for their exemplary client service, and their dogged determination to beat the insurance companies so that their clients are compensated to the fullest.

Stravitz Law Firm, PC Columbia Maryland
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 28+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    9 including Super Lawyers, and AVVO Rating 10.0 (Superb)
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Stravitz Law Firm, PC

It can be an uphill battle trying to take on the trucking companies and their insurance companies on your own. But with the investigative skills and fierce representation that the Stravitz Law Firm can offer, you can have a fighting chance against the insurance companies and their meager offers of compensation. Truck accidents are notorious for the catastrophic injuries and death that they can cause—you deserve compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve been put through!

More About Truck Accident Lawyers in Columbia, MD

Trucks play an important role in our nation’s economy, but they require skilled drivers who can follow the rules of the road and the rules of the trucking industry. Whether it’s failing to check their blindspots, or choosing to be reckless and drive while fatigued, a single act of negligence can quickly lead to an accident that leaves a victim crippled for life, or worse, it robs someone of a loved one. The trucking industry and their insurance companies are behemoths to take on, but with a truck accident lawyer, the tables can be turned, and justice can be found. TopResearched is here to help you get that justice and compensation with the best truck accident lawyers available in and around the Columbia area.
Truck accident lawyers have the specialized knowledge needed to outmaneuver and put the pressure on the trucking industry and their insurance companies. Without one as an advocate, the insurance companies will try to convince you that there’s no better option than to accept their lowball offers, even if it won’t help pay for all your medical expenses or funeral costs. Injuries from truck accidents can lead to a lifetime of pain and suffer—make sure you get the most in compensation with the aid of a truck accident lawyer!
Whether it’s you who has been injured, or a loved one who has died from a truck accident, TopResearched has made it our goal to help you find the best truck accident lawyers out there, so that justice and compensation become possible. Our research team gathers the best truck accident lawyers out there before subjecting them to our thorough double-selection process, ensuring that only the absolute top truck accident lawyers get featured on our list. We’re consumers and people just like you—we like to make sure our readers get to know the truck accident lawyers that we’d use because your story matters!
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How Long Does It Take for a Truck Accident Case to be Settled or Won?

Truck accidents can range in complexity, which can affect the length of your case. Depending on factors such as the details of your case, the length of your medical treatments, and even the willingness of the insurance company to offer a desirable settlement, you can expect your truck accident case to take anywhere from a handful of months to as long as a few years. You can speak with your lawyer to see if they have any insights to share about your case, but you can count on them to encourage patience while they build your case as best as possible.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

TopResearched Reputation Metric was designed to give our readers a snapshot of a law firm’s trustworthiness, reliability, and their ability to bring you the results that your case deserves. From average review scores, case results, and even client communication such as through social media, our researchers take various factors into account before awarding a rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad. This also has an effect on which law firms make it through the final phase of our double-selection process!

What Does a Contingency Fee Mean?

When a lawyer or a law firm mentions that they will work on a contingency basis or for a contingency fee, it means that they will not charge you anything for their services until they’re able to help you win or settle your case. Should they succeed, then they will charge you a certain percentage based on your total compensation—but should they fail, then you won’t have to pay anything. This is ideal because it accounts for how truck accident victims rarely are financially prepared for such a disastrous event.

Are Experience and Qualifications/Awards Important?

Certainly! Both of these Metrics can be good indications of a lawyer’s quality. Lawyers with years of experience have likely learned some tricks of the trade to help them fight on your behalf and outmaneuver the insurance companies both in negotiations and in court. Meanwhile, awards are often given in recognition of a lawyer’s outstanding achievements whether it is in client care and service or in achieving astounding compensation amounts. While awards are not necessary, lawyers with awards have likely gone out of their way to make a difference in their clients’ lives through their work.

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