Top 7 Best Mortgage Lenders in Austin

It can be a lot of fun searching for the house you really want, and once you’ve decided on one you almost can’t wait to get it. But then comes the part where most feel unsure about: financing. Finding the right solution to help you purchase your home can be a challenge with so many mortgage providers out there, and potentially little time to get the house before someone else nabs it. Thankfully, there’s TopResearched to help speed things up. Instead of spending hours or days searching for the best mortgage provider for your house purchase, our researchers have already gathered, analyzed, and compared the best out there to narrow it down to the absolute Top Mortgage Providers in Austin. With TopResearched, you can find a quality mortgage in as quick as a few clicks with our Austin mortgage provider list! [more]

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Adelo Mortgage Austin
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 24+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 6 including Conventional, VA, and USDA Loans
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Email)

Adelo Mortgage

At Adelo Mortgage, it’s more than just helping people find the right loan option, it’s about giving memorable customer service. They believe that getting a mortgage should be as stress-free as possible, and that involves a personalized experience for every customer. With consistent communication, attention to your needs and means, and a personalized approach to finding your right mortgage, reaching your goal of purchasing a house is possible and sustainable.

Barton Creek Lending Group Austin
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 24+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 6 including Conventional, VA, and USDA Loans
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Email)

Barton Creek Lending Group

Flexibility is key to how the Barton Creek Lending Group ensures that their customers always get the best mortgages. With connections to multiple lenders, their staff is able to search far and wide to ensure that you’re always getting a sustainable mortgage with a low interest rate, so that you can purchase and enjoy your life in your new home. They serve their customers in financing for homes, condos, commercial properties, and more!

Elite Financing Group Mortgage Lender Austin
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 24+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 6 including Conventional, VA, and USDA Loans
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Email)

Elite Financing Group Mortgage Lender

For the team at the Elite Financing Group, it’s about being a guide as much as a mortgage provider. When a customer walks through their doors, they’re there to walk their client through every step of the mortgage process. This is made easy and possible with their integrated processes and services, giving customers less waiting and more getting the financing they need for the home they desire.

Highlander Mortgage Austin
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 24+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 6 including Conventional, VA, and USDA Loans
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Email)

Highlander Mortgage

Getting the financing for your dream home can be made easier with the expertise and resources of Highlander Mortgage. As a full-service mortgage provider, you’ll have access to a whole team of specialists who will guide you through every step of the mortgage process, ensuring that you know the progress of your financing until that loan is finally yours. Their philosophy is to see that every customer gets a loan that fits well within their means, so that their mortgage serves the customer and not the other way around!

Legacy Mutual Mortgage - Josh Brown Team
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 24+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 6 including Conventional, VA, and USDA Loans
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Email)

Legacy Mutual Mortgage – Josh Brown Team

Since 2003, Josh Brown has made it his goal to help his customers find the best financing solutions to achieve their home ownership dreams. Part of his success, and his customers’ success, is through his philosophy of providing a quality customer experience through consistent communication, excellent service, and timely completion. Thanks to his work philosophy and drive for excellence in service, he’s even been recognized as a Top 25 Lender in Austin by the Austin Business Journal.

5707 Southwest Pkwy suite 150 building 2 Austin, TX 78735
LendFriend - Home Loans, a part of AmCap Mortgage Austin
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 24+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 6 including Conventional, VA, and USDA Loans
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Email)

LendFriend – Home Loans, a part of AmCap Mortgage

When you need a mortgage provider that you can trust, LendFriend has helped over twenty thousand customers with their financing needs, having earned themselves an award as a Top 10 Mortgage Company for Customer Satisfaction. The key lies in their high-energy approach to helping each customer. They know how a home opportunity can disappear as quickly as you see them, so they’ve created a streamlined method to accelerate the closing process. They can even provide closings as quick as 2 weeks.

4807 Spicewood Springs Rd, Bldg 3, #250 Austin, TX 78759
Texas Loan Experts, The John Schutze Team Austin
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 24+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 6 including Conventional, VA, and USDA Loans
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Email)

Texas Loan Experts, The John Schutze Team

It can be a race at times to get that dream house, especially if other buyers are eyeing that same property. Luckily, there’s John Schutze and his team at Texas Loan Experts! Since they keep their entire mortgage process in-house, they’re able to close a loan in as quick as 2 weeks. That’s how he provides his customers with the edge they need to get the home they really want, before that opportunity goes away.

More About Mortgage Lenders in Austin, TX

Financing is one of the most crucial stages of getting your new home. But with the wrong mortgage, you could find yourself saddled with a burdensome interest rate that can eat into your quality of living. Instead, you ought to be enjoying your life in your new home, and that’s why TopResearched has done the hard work of finding the best mortgage providers here in Austin so that you don’t have to play the guessing game. Our researchers are people and homeowners just like you—you can count on us to find you the mortgage providers that we could count on ourselves!
When you require a financial solution to help you with purchasing a home, it is the mortgage providers that you’ll need to look for. The right mortgage providers have more options and flexibility in finding the right loan with the right interest rate for your personal situation, which is important to have because that mortgage will be a part of your life for a number of years. It is recommended that you investigate at least a few mortgage providers to ensure that you’re getting the best interest rates possible—the best mortgage providers will help you find a loan that allows for sustainable living in your new home!
TopResearched is made up of homeowners and people who want a home just as much as you do! Using our thorough double-selection process and our stringent ranking criteria, our research team is able to collect the many mortgage providers of Austin and analyze, compare, and ultimately distill the best from the rest. The end result is our list of the Top Mortgage Providers in Austin, where you can save time on searching, and sooner get your mortgage processed for that home you’ve always wanted!
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The TopResearched Selection Process

We find the industry experts in your area through a double-selection process of research, comparison, and verification. During the first stage, we gather the experts based on a single industry in your area that match our preliminary standards. Then, for the second stage, we use our stringent rating criteria to begin further separating the highest ranked from the rest collected. This helps make sure that you’re only seeing the best of the best industry experts in your area!
Here’s a breakdown of the rating criteria that our researchers use to sort the best from the rest before placing them into our curated lists:

From average review scores to client stories and service results, we determine the trustworthiness and reliability.


We verify that the experts you’re working with are truly experienced in their field and have the expertise to meet your needs.

Awards and Qualifications

Some local experts stand above the rest because of their accomplishments, knowledge and education.


An industry expert that cares is one that’s there for you. We search for every means that an industry expert may be contacted.


Depending on the industry that you’re looking for, we also analyze your local experts based on industry-specific factors.

Compare Providers

Browse through curated list of industry-specific TopResearched selected local expert providers, ready for you to contact.

Frequently asked questions

Browse through related frequently asked questions curated by the TopResearched team.

How Long Can It Take to Get a Mortgage?

Getting a mortgage can take around 30 days from start to close, from preapproval to the actual acquisition of your loan. But there are busier seasons during the year where the process can take up to 60 days the longest, so it is good to be prepared for the possibility as you start thinking about that house you’ve always wanted.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

It can be a challenge finding a mortgage provider who’s looking out for your interests. That’s why TopResearched uses a Reputation Metric to help you see just how well a featured mortgage provider is trusted and relied upon by past customers. We take into account factors such as loan options, average review scores, and even how well a mortgage provider communicates with their clients. Once we’ve gathered enough information, we can then assign a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad. This also plays a part in the final phase of our double-selection process, so that you’ll only see the most trusted mortgage providers here on our site.

What is Pre-Approval for a Mortgage? How Long Does It Take?

Getting pre-approved is like getting a mortgage provider’s vote of confidence that you can take on the responsibility of a loan. This in turn can help you when approaching a home seller, as a letter of pre-approval can show that you’ll be able to finance a serious purchase of the home. This is doubly important because some home sellers won’t even consider a buyer unless they have a letter of pre-approval. The process of getting pre-approved should take around 1 to 3 days on average. However, busier seasons might lead to it taking up to 10 business days.

Are Experience and Awards Important?

Both of these factors can be important. Mortgage providers with years of experience can be a good sign that they are knowledgeable in the movements of the housing market and changes to interest rates. It can also be a good sign that they are a stable mortgage provider. Meanwhile, since awards are rare, a mortgage provider with even one award is something worth noting—it usually is a good sign that they have excelled in customer service and/or providing great loans to many customers.

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