Top 7 Best Dog Grooming Services in Dallas

Whether it’s after a month of playtimes in the living room or a single day of jumping in mud puddles during a rainy walk, eventually your dog’s going to probably need a nice grooming. But it does more than just leave your dog looking nice and fresh. Grooming also brings with it a bevy of health benefits! With a professional dog grooming place, you can ensure that your dog is kept clean and healthy, so that the adventures can continue for many more years to come! TopResearched has done the hard work of searching for San Diego’s best dog grooming places so that all you have to do is simply take a look at our heavily curated list for your dog’s next trip to the groomers! [more]

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Citydog! Club - Dallas

Citydog! Club – Dallas

Is your dog starting to get itchy? Did your pup take a tumble through the mud while you were outside playing games of chase and catch? It might be time to take a trip to the Citydog! Style Bar for a nice cleanup and grooming! Their full-service grooming is enhanced with the use of HydroSurge bath and InjectAir technology to give your dog’s coat the ultimate clean, not just promoting an amazing look but also healthier hair and skin!

3870 Ponte Ave Addison, TX 75001
Dog City

Dog City

Owned and run by Nora Crosby, she and her team at Dog City have created a place for dogs to find all the care they need from full-service grooming to daycare. When it’s time to give your dog a refreshing clean, Dog City offers a comprehensive grooming package that will keep your dogs looking vibrant, clean, and most of all, full of smiles and tail wags! They also pride themselves on the use of eco-friendly products that are pet-safe and gentle on your dog, so that they get all the benefits of a full grooming and none of the irritation caused by harsh chemicals.

2320 N Houston St #150 Dallas, TX 75219
Doggie's Wonderwash

Doggie’s Wonderwash

At the Doggie’s Wonderwash, the world revolves around your four-legged pal and their hygiene. Their full-service grooming package will make sure your dog gets the clean they need from snout to tail! What’s more, they also offer a self-serve dog wash, with all the tools and products you’ll need to bathe your dog and freshen them up yourself!

10910 N Central Expy #128 Dallas, TX 75231
Furry Tails

Furry Tails

As a pet resort and spa, the team at Furry Tails loves to spoil your pets with the fantastic grooming and TLC that they deserve. Along with their luxurious full-service grooming, they also offer obedience training and daycare services for your dog. Want to enhance your dog’s grooming and give them a fabulous look? Furry Tails has hair dyeing to give your pet’s coat some extra flair!

1894 Royal Ln, #107 # 107 Dallas, TX 75229
Studio Pampered Pets

Studio Pampered Pets

Just like the name says, at Studio Pampered Pets, they believe that every dog deserves to be spoiled with a paw-some visit to the groomers, and with their full-service bath and brush packages, your dog is sure to love the way they feel after they’ve been groomed! What’s more, you can pamper your pet even further with the Pampered Pets grooming packages, giving your dog an even greater grooming experience that will not only enhance your dog’s cleanliness but also give them a healthier life!

14412 Marsh Ln Addison, TX 75001
White Rock Pet Grooming

White Rock Pet Grooming

With more than 95 years of combined experience behind their team, White Rock Pet Grooming is run by serious experts in the grooming industry, and they pride themselves on providing every pet with a satisfactory outing to the groomers. Along with their comprehensive Full-Grooming Service, they also offer extra services such as Flea/Tick Shampoo and Blueberry Facials, to give your pet that next-level pampering and to keep them safe from parasites.

9777 Ferguson Rd #103 Dallas, TX 75228
Woody's Pet Grooming

Woody’s Pet Grooming

Whether your dog needs their regular clean or you just want to pamper your furry best friend with a refreshing bath, Woody’s Pet Grooming has what your dog needs to get its coat looking shiny and its tail wagging! Along with their full-service grooming package, they also offer puppy-specific and breed-specific packages, and a plethora of other neat extras to enhance your dog’s day out!

5402 Bernal Dr Dallas, TX 75212

More About Dog Grooming Services in Dallas, Texas

Just like how we humans need a bath or a shower, so do our dogs! After many adventures to the park or the beach, eventually hair can get matted, dirt begins to collect in your dog’s fur, and even nasty little hitchhikers might find their way onto your dog. But with a trip to a professional dog groomer, all that stuff can be washed away, all while treating your dog to the wonderful feeling of a nice warm bath and being squeaky clean afterwards! With TopResearched’s list of featured dog grooming places, you won’t even need to look far to find San Diego’s best. Treat your dog today, so they can continue enjoying the adventures of tomorrow!
Dog grooming places are run by pet professionals who have extensive knowledge in both pet grooming as well as pet psychology, giving them the skills needed to ensure that your dog has a calm and relaxing time at the groomers. That same pet knowledge also gives groomers the skills needed to perform a quick check on your dog’s external health, such as spotting those annoying fleas and ticks that might hitch a ride. All in all, a trip to the groomers has a whole host of benefits for your pup!
TopResearched loves dogs as much as you do, and we like our furry best friends to stay clean and healthy so that we can spend many more years of fun and companionship with them! That’s why our researchers set out to find, analyze, and list the absolute best dog grooming places that you can find in and around the San Diego area. With our list, you’ll be sure to find a groomer that’ll offer your pet the tender loving care and the sparkling clean that they deserve.
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Frequently asked questions

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Why Should My Dog Be Regularly Groomed?

Along with helping your dog look marvelous, a regular grooming can help keep back dead skin, parasites, and grease buildup, all of which can lead to skin conditions and potentially disease. Grooming benefits more than just help your dog’s looks, it can benefit your dog’s health and longevity!

How Can I Provide My Dog with a Safe Grooming?

With the expertise of a professional dog grooming place, you’ll have an expert who knows how to safely handle and groom your pup. Furthermore, they also have knowledge of pet-safe products that can clean your dog and provide as many health benefits as possible.

What Issues Can Arise from a Lack of Grooming?

Some issues that can come up include joint pain from overgrown nails, disease spread by fleas and ticks, and a variety of skin conditions created from the irritation caused by dead skin and hair matting. These are just a few examples, but all can have a negative impact on your dog’s overall health. Regular grooming can help fight all of these things back!

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

TopResearched uses a Reputation Metric to create an overall picture of a dog grooming place’s quality. Factors that our researchers take into account include average review scores, variety of services, customer stories, and even social media engagement. Once enough information has been gathered, our researchers can then award a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad. This also plays a role during the final phase of our double-selection process, before it is decided who gets to be featured on our list!

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