Services You Didn’t Know Same Day Couriers Offer

In the same day courier service industry, the number and type of items you can have shipped quickly are endless but also vary from courier to courier. TopResearched has compiled a list of services they believe to be lesser-known services provided by a majority of the same day courier service industry.

NOTE: Not all same day couriers provide these services.

Airport Luggage

With thousands of airports nationwide and hundreds of private and independent airline companies, many same day courier service companies have recognized the need for airport luggage pickup and delivery services. Some airport luggage pickup and delivery can be as minimalist as picking up the luggage at the baggage claim terminal and taking it to the client’s hotel or as in-depth as locating lost luggage with a client’s baggage claim number and delivering it to any hotel, Airbnb, or residence.


Almost any same day courier service should be able to provide prescription pick-up delivery services unless the medications are opioids which require certain certifications and licensures. Prescription pickup will also require sensitive information in order for the medication to be released to the courier, so if you are utilizing these services, be sure to check that the courier company has OSHA and HIPPA-certified delivery drivers.

Alcohol Deliveries

Alcohol deliveries will depend not only on the courier company but the state where you reside. First, you must find out if alcohol deliveries by third-party courier services are permitted in your state. Typically the courier services in your state will know the rules and regulations of beverage delivery and will be able to inform you of your options accordingly.

Car Parts

In the auto mechanic industry, a common practice for car part deliveries is having them dropped off on routes at specific scheduled dates and times. Some auto mechanic shops may only complete part deliveries once a week or as frequently as twice a day. In both situations, parts may not always be ready for the scheduled delivery times, which may cause a delay in completing the work on a vehicle. In this case, consumers may become very upset. Some cases may need a vehicle completed sooner than the standard time frame for a job. In either case, a same day courier service can fill in and get a part delivered in a timely manner to help get the vehicle completed in a timely manner.

Trade Show Equipment

Many same day courier services are located near convention centers with monthly and even weekly conventions that require many deliveries of supplies. Some same day courier services specialize in trade show delivery services and can perform multiple pickups with one delivery to the trade show and, after the show, pick up and return the equipment to multiple delivery locations. The same day couriers may also provide loading and unloading services as well as set up and tear down.

Remote Offices

With remote work skyrocketing at the turn of covid, many companies and employees have chosen to go remote with positions. This means that now more than ever, remote office equipment needs to be picked up and delivered safely and efficiently. Many same day courier services now provide the pickup and delivery of remote office equipment and can even provide a detailed chain of custody, as well as a list of all equipment picked up and acquired from a terminated remote employee. Typically the delivery drivers placed on these requests are familiar with these situations and may even have experience in human resources.

Legal Documents

Many documents require in-person filings, retrievals, and delivery to maintain confidentiality. This is why many same day couriers offer legal services such as document retrieval from archives, filing with the clerk of courts, and hand delivering sensitive documents that may need to be original prints and cannot be copies. Some of these documents can include death certificates, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and more.


Some other note-worthy items and services that same day couriers provide can be found on the list below and are subject to the individual courier hired.

  1. Veterinary supplies
  2. Wedding Gowns & Dresses
  3. HVAC
  4. Plumbing
  5. Electrical
  6. Perishables
  7. Retail/ E-commerce/ Online order pickups
  8. Laundromat
  9. Passports
  10. Electronic Devices
    • a. Laptops
    • b. Computer Monitors
    • c. Accessories

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