Let’s Talk About “Long Distance Same Day Courier Delivery Options”

Finding a courier service that offers long-distance delivery can be hard, but finding one that offers long-distance delivery on the same day is even harder. Below we have compiled a list of different options for same-day delivery long distance so you can find the option that best accommodates your situation.

What is considered long distance?

Long distance can vary depending upon who you are talking to. Generally, long distance can be considered as being delivered an hour away or outside a couriers service area. Long distance can also be shipping an item as far as the other end of the state, across multiple states, or even across the entire country. With each distance variance, there is also a time variance that has to be factored in with each individual case. Long-distance deliveries have many different modes of transportation that may be utilized, each varying in speed. The speed of the delivery, as well as the cost of the delivery, will both also play primary roles in a long-distance delivery selection.

What are the Main Factors in choosing a long-distance delivery service?

When selecting a long-distance delivery service, it is important to know the dimensions of what you are shipping, the weight of what you are shipping, if there are any special instructions when transporting your package, and how quickly you need the package delivered. Once you have this information and begin your search for a long distance delivery service, you will want to compare their services to ensure they can ship the type of package you have and have the vehicles to properly accommodate it and ship it safely and securely, the cost of shipping to ensure you remain within your budget, and how quickly the courier can perform the delivery.

What are the options for long distance shipping?

Long distance shipping will vary depending on the courier service, the distance you need your package shipped, how quickly you need it shipped, and if there are any specific or special instructions. Below are the different shipping speeds and vehicles offered for long distance shipping, each subject to change depending on the courier service you engage.


Vehicles for shipments will vary depending on the courier service, and the type and size of the vehicle will also affect the shipping speeds available. For example, if you need a box truck in order to accommodate the size of your shipment and expect the box truck to be able to make a trip from Florida to Ohio in 4 hours, it would be physically impossible, but with a next flight out a shipment on an airline, the package would be able to make it there within that time frame and be properly accommodate for its size.

Vehicles Typical of long distance shipments include:

  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Cargo Vans
  • Box Trucks
  • Buses
  • Semi-Trailers
  • Trains
  • Airplanes


Delivery speeds will also vary depending on the type of vehicle being utilized for transportation and the total distance the package needs to be transported. Here are a few delivery speed options and services offered by majority of courier companies and still relative to all factors for their availability.

  • Rush
  • Expedited
  • Same Day
  • Overnight Delivery
  • Next Flight Out
  • Express Delivery

No matter what your shipping needs are, you can find a reliable same day courier service to perform your long distance delivery needs on our well analyzed and vetted list of same day courier delivery services in your area.