Top 7 Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Anaheim

When you’re feeling sick or scheduled to have surgery, you’re not expecting something to go wrong when under the care of highly trained and educated medical professionals. But unexpected mistakes and problems can arise. A surgeon can make a careless mistake, or a physician could choose to deliberately neglect an ailing patient, but when these reckless or negligent actions take place, they can have real and painful consequences for the sick and hurting. With the help of a malpractice lawyer, you can hold those hospitals and medical professionals accountable for their negligence and actions of ill-intent—you deserve compensation for the pain caused by those who should’ve been healing you. A malpractice lawyer can even help with when another lawyer has caused you damage. TopResearched provides aid in finding that right malpractice lawyer for your situation—with our team of researchers, we hand select the best from the rest, so that you can save time from searching and get started on pursuing justice and recovery. [more]

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Aitken, Aitken, Cohn Trial Lawyers Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 50+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    31 including Multiple Best Lawyers in American awards from 1987-2021
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Live Chat, Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Aitken, Aitken, Cohn Trial Lawyers

For the lawyers at Aitken, Aitken, Cohn, helping victims of medical malpractice is more than just getting a client, it’s about helping victims find true recovery from their sickness and from their awful experience of having a trusted medical professional fail them so badly. They understand that mistakes happen, but no medical professional should be making your situation significantly worse. For one client, they were mishandled while given anesthesia, resulting in brain damage and even blindness—but Aitken, Aitken, Cohn was able to take the fight to court and prove that medical malpractice had occurred, winning almost $15 million for their client!

Glotzer & Leib, LLP Lawyers Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 50+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    3+ including multiple years of maintaining a AVVO Rating of 10.0 Superb
  • Fees: Free Consultation, Contingency Fee
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Phone Number, Live Chat, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Glotzer & Leib, LLP

It only takes a bad diagnosis from poor testing, or a surgeon leaving a tool inside a patient before terrible complications occur, leaving a person hurting worse than they were before. When medical malpractice occurs, the team at Glotzer & Leib has the experience to fight the hospitals and their insurance companies to get you the compensation you justly deserve. Glotzer & Leib know how costly medical treatments can be, and how heavy the emotional trauma can be from losing faith in your hospital’s medical professionals—they’ll make sure the guilty are held accountable for the harm they’ve done to you!

Kyle Scott Law Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 28+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    3 including 2019 Top Attorney Award
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Kyle Scott Law

For more than 28 years, the team at Kyle Scott Law has been providing strong representation for those who’ve been hurt and terribly injured by the careless and the negligent. For those who’ve suffered medical malpractice injuries because of a careless nurse or a doctor who failed to meet the standards of care, founding attorney Kyle Scott will fight to get you the compensation you truly deserve. Whether you’ve been wrongly diagnosed, or you lost a loved one to a healthcare professional’s negligence, let Kyle Scott Law help hold them accountable for your pain.

17671 Irvine Blvd #210 Tustin, CA 92780
Meissner Law Firm Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 36+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    7 including Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A (Phone Number, Live Chat, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Meissner Law Firm

After going through the painful results of a medical malpractice, it can be easy to feel like you’re left to fend for yourself without anyone to trust. But that is not the case with the Meissner Law Firm on your side. Founding attorney Werner R. Meissner prides himself on maintaining a personalized approach to all of his clients, making sure that his clients know that he is on their side and will fight to help them get the compensation they justly deserve after all that’s been done to them by the negligent. With a 99% success rate, you can rest easy knowing that you have a hardworking team representing you. The Meissner Law Firm is also a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, in recognition of their stellar case results!

Purcell Law Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 30+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    9 including AVVO Rating 10.0 Superb
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A (Phone Number, Live Chat, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Purcell Law

The negligent actions of a doctor or nurse could lead to a sickness worsening, new complications arising, or worse, a loved one even dying. But whether you’ve experienced further injury from a medical professional’s actions, or you’re suffering from the tragic lost of someone because of a hospital’s negligence, founding attorney Chris Purcell will make sure you get the personalized help and advocacy that you deserve. With an AVVO Rating of 10.0 Superb, Chris Purcell makes his every client a priority and fights to get them results.

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates Personal Injury Lawyers Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 39+ Years
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    4 including US News Best Law Firms 2020
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: B (Phone Number, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates Personal Injury Lawyers

Medical malpractice happens, but it can be a challenge to prove in court without the right expertise. With Timothy J. Ryan & Associates, you’ll have over 39 years of legal experience on your side. With their extensive knowledge in helping injured victims and with their medical specialists, they’ll perform the rigorous investigation needed to find the evidence that can prove your case and win you the compensation you deserve. Already, Timothy J. Ryan & Associates has helped win over $1 billion for their clients—let them help you find justice and fight back against those responsible for your injury.

Traut Firm Lawyers Anaheim
  • Reputation: Good!
  • Experience: 58+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Awards and Qualifications:
    7 including Super Lawyers 2020 and 2020 Winners by Best Lawyers
  • Fees: Contingency Fee, Free Consultation
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Phone Number, Live Chat, Consultation Scheduling/Email)

Traut Firm

When you hire a lawyer, you’re expecting them to get it as good as they can to represent you and fight for your interests. But when a lawyer neglects their duties to you, or worse, deliberately hurts your case and causes further damages, you ought to be compensated for those acts of legal malpractice. There’s where attorney James Trout and his team come in. They’ll make sure the negligent attorney is brought to justice and that you’re compensated for both the damage they’d caused and the trust that they’d so broken. In recognition of their client care and quality of service, the lawyers at the Traut Firm were named both 2020 Super Lawyers as well as 2020 Winners by Best Lawyers!

More About Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Anaheim, CA

Whether you’re feeling ill, or you’ve experienced a situation which calls for a lawyer, you’re placing a great deal of trust in the hands of those who are taking care of your health and legal matters. Both doctors and lawyers are meant to be well-trained, highly educated individuals who know what they’re doing, and who strictly adhere to their industry’s standards of care and professionalism. But sometimes that’s not what happens—sometimes we encounter a doctor, a nurse, or a lawyer who slips up. But negligence in their fields can result in painful to catastrophic consequences for you. Whether it’s a messed-up surgery that leaves you in worse pain than before, or a lawyer chooses to abuse and exploit the account of a client, these are damages that you deserve compensation for. That’s why malpractice lawyers exist! With their expertise and skills, you can fight back and hold the guilty responsible for what they’ve done, so that you can receive the compensation that you’re owed. You won’t even need to spend much time looking for one. TopResearched has already done the hard work of bringing together the best malpractice lawyers in and around Anaheim, so that you can find them all in one place.
Malpractice lawyers are the ones you call when there’s been some sort of professional misconduct or grievous mistake committed by either a medical professional or by another lawyer. Some examples include a doctor giving a misdiagnosis, a nurse improperly or carelessly interacting with a patient that results in injury, or a lawyer caught trying to steal from a client’s trust account instead of taking what’s billed and giving the client what they deserve. But all of these acts of malpractice can be countered with the help and expertise of a malpractice lawyer. Through rigorous evidence gathering and the right kind of strong representation, you can hold the negligent accountable and get the compensation that you deserve after all the trouble, pain, and damage caused by the professionals that you thought you could trust.
Like most other kinds of legal cases, there is a statute of limitations to malpractice cases. To further complicate the matter, the statute of limitations can differ from state to state. To help save our readers time, TopResearched does the searching for you with the expertise of our research team. Using a thorough double-selection process and stringent ranking criteria, our researchers gather the best malpractice lawyers in the area before analyzing, verifying, and comparing them against one another. After the comparisons and verifications are done, the absolute best law firms get to be featured on our list of Top Malpractice Lawyers in Anaheim!
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Here’s a breakdown of the rating criteria that our researchers use to sort the best from the rest before placing them into our curated lists:

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Frequently asked questions

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How Long Does It Take for a Malpractice Case to be Settled or Won?

Malpractice cases can be incredibly complicated as they take a lot of effort to prove. As such, you can expect your case to take anywhere from a handful of months to as long as a few years before it gets settled or won in court. Consult with your malpractice attorney to see if they have any insights to offer based on your case and cases like them in the past. But they will likely recommend exercising patience as they take the time to prepare for if they must take the case to court to win you your rightful compensation.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

TopResearched uses a Reputation Metric to provide our readers with a quick and comprehensive idea of whether or not a lawyer or law firm is trustworthy, reliable, and able to bring the compensation results that you need to return to as normal a life as possible. Our research team takes into account factors such as average review scores, social media engagement, client communication, and case results. Together, these factors give us the information we need to award a Reputation rank of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad. This plays an important part in the final selection for who gets featured on our top lists of malpractice lawyers!

What Does a Contingency Fee Mean?

When an attorney or law firm states that they work on a contingency fee basis, it means that they will not be charging you any upfront fees. Instead, they will charge you for attorney services only if they manage to settle or win your case. On the other hand, should they fail to win or settle your case, you won’t need to worry about paying a thing. This is ideal for clients who’ve been injured like from medical or legal malpractice—after all, no one expects to be wronged by a medical professional or a lawyer, who are both held to incredibly high professional standards.

Are Experience and Qualifications/Awards Important?

We believe that both of these metrics should be taken into consideration when deciding on a lawyer! A malpractice lawyer with a lot of experience is likely to have knowledge on how to better find evidence to better support your malpractice claim. What’s more, an experienced malpractice lawyer has probably had plenty of chances to take on the insurance companies in court to learn how to best beat them and win your case. Malpractice lawyers with lots of qualifications and awards is nothing to take lightly either. Qualifications and awards can be a testament to a lawyer’s dedication to their work and growth. They can also be a good indicator of how well they do in producing satisfactory compensation results for their injured clients.

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