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From buying your first home to finding a financial solution to help you move to your next one, a mortgage broker can provide the right loan to help you reach those goals. Everyone is unique, which is why various mortgages exist for different kinds of life situations. But in a city as big as Anaheim, there are quite a number of mortgage providers out there, and no mortgage provider is alike. That’s why TopResearched has done the hard work of searching for the best mortgage brokers in Anaheim, so that you can skip the lengthy searching and instead focus on getting the financing you need to make your goals a reality. [more]

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  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 16+ Years
  • Awards:
    2020 Finalist for the Torch Awards for Ethics
  • # of Loan Types: 3 including HECM, Jumbo, and Purchase Reverse Mortgages
  • Accessibility: C (Phone Number)

All Reverse Mortgage

Also popularly known as ARLO, All Reverse Mortgage provides a way for people to get better interest rates through reverse mortgages. While a reverse mortgage isn’t for every situation, All Reverse Mortgage is the specialist to look to for when you do want a loan that is secured with your own home. All Reverse Mortgage is also a big advocate of proper mortgage education and they enjoy making sure their clients are properly informed on their choices so that they’re truly given the best option. Their customer-centered philosophy had even earned them a spot as a 2020 Finalist for the Torch Awards for Ethics. When you need a reverse mortgage, you can trust in All Reverse Mortgage for help.

American Financial Network, Inc. Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 20+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 6 including VA and Conventional Loans
  • Accessibility: A (Phone, Email, Online Form)

American Financial Network, Inc.

Led by Matthew Campbell, the American Financial Network has been helping clients for over twenty years for their home buying needs. Whether you’re looking for your first dream home or you’re looking to discover your next investment property, they have loan options to keep you covered. What perhaps makes them stand out is their strong philosophy in communication—they provide their clients with consistent updates on the progress of their mortgage from start to finish.

Carrington Mortgage Services Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 14+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 13 including Conventional and USDA Loans
  • Accessibility: B (Phone, Email)

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC

For those looking to buy their first home or looking to refinance, the services of Carrington Mortgage Services can be right for you with their array of loan options and their dedication to leveraging technology to make the mortgage experience easier for every client. They even have their own Carrington Quick Pay app that allows mortgage payments to be completed quick and simple.

E Mortgage Capital Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 20+ Years
  • Awards:
    10 including UWM’s 2020 Elite 100
  • # of Loan Types: 6 including Conventional, FHA, and VA Loans
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Phone Number, Email, Online Form)

E Mortgage Capital

As a consecutive winner of multiple UWM awards, the team at E Mortgage Capital are true experts when it comes to helping any sort of client, whether they be an individual, a couple looking for their first home together, or a family looking to move into a bigger home. Their founder Joseph Shalaby has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage business and has devoted himself to helping people in need of residential loans. With their broad selection of loan options, they can help make sure you get the one that’s right for you.

First American Home Loans Inc. Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 21+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 7 including VA, FHA, and Reverse Mortgage Loans
  • Accessibility: A (Phone, Email, Online Form)

First American Home Loans Inc.

Offering a combination of conventional loans, reverse mortgages, and even refinance options, First American Home Loans provides a comprehensive suite of financial solutions for the new and experienced home buyer! Their specialty lies in reverse mortgages, which they believe can be an excellent way to maintain or even improve your lifestyle as you make your way into retirement.

First Place Home Loans Inc. Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 25+ Years
  • # of Loan Types: 9 including FHA Loans and 15/20/30 Year Fixed Loans
  • Accessibility:B (Phone Number, Online Form)

First Place Home Loans, Inc.

At First Place Home Loans, they know how important an experience it is for those looking for their first home, and even for those looking to move to a better one—that’s why they provide their customers with the individual attention that they deserve. Their agents only handle one client at a time to ensure that their mortgage process goes as smoothly as possible, so that you can get to moving into the home you’ve really wanted. They even have programs for those with Credit that needs improving, so that you can still get the financing you need.

1740 W Katella Ave Suite B Orange, CA 92867
PrimeLending, A Plains Capital Company Anaheim
  • Reputation: Excellent!
  • Experience: 30+ Years
  • Awards:
    3 including Scotsman Guide Magazine 2019 and Ranked #8 in 2018 by the Mortgage Executive Magazine
  • # of Loan Types: 23 including Convention, VA, and USDA Loans
  • Accessibility: A+ (24/7 Phone, Email, Online Form)

PrimeLending, A Plains Capital Company

A favorite of the Scotsman Guide Magazine 2019 and boasting a 96% satisfaction rate, PrimeLending has been helping clients buy their dream homes since 1986 with an immense variety of loans to meet the unique needs of their clients. Their options can be ideal for anyone looking for purchase a home, refinance, or perform renovations—whether you’re looking for a dream home, or are trying to transform your current home into your dream one, the team at PrimeLending has a solution that’s for you. PrimeLending prides itself on its streamlined online experience to help accelerate your home buying experience.

More About Mortgage Lenders in Anaheim, CA

As of 2019, there were around 101,000 households in Anaheim, according to the US Census Bureau. For those looking for their first home or even for their next move, it can be daunting to buy a house in Anaheim when the average home value is almost $700,000. But that’s where a mortgage can come in handy! With a mortgage broker, you can find loan options ranging from conventional loans and refinancing to reverse mortgages. But each loan is made for a unique kind of client, and to best match the right loan for you, it’s recommended to consult a mortgage provider. With TopResearched, you won’t have to spend much time looking at all for the right mortgage company. Our heavily curated lists use stringent research and ranking criteria to gather, compare, and hand-select the best of the best mortgage brokers in and around Anaheim.
A mortgage broker is an individual or a group of specialists who know the rules, requirements, and limitations of each type of loan. Some may specialize in one type, while others work to provide a broad variety of loan options to their clients. What really determines the right one for you will come down to your unique needs and plans. By speaking with a mortgage broker, you’ll be able to identify which of those loans out there fits your means and your needs while looking to purchase or refinance a home in Anaheim.
Due to how no mortgage loan is alike, it can be a challenge to try finding the right mortgage broker who has your best interests in mind. There are over 24,000 businesses just within the city limits of Anaheim, and plenty more in the surrounding areas, but you don’t have to go through the arduous process of searching through the whole city on your own. TopResearched helps people like you find the best mortgage companies, using our high standard ranking criteria to ensure that only the top mortgage providers ever make it onto our list of top mortgage companies in Anaheim. Don’t miss that opportunity to get the home of your dreams—use TopResearched to find your perfect mortgage company with just a few clicks and find your mortgage financial solution today.
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From average review scores to client stories and service results, we determine the trustworthiness and reliability.


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Frequently asked questions

Browse through related frequently asked questions curated by the TopResearched team.

How Long Can It Take to Get a Mortgage?

You can safely expect a mortgage to get fully processed around 30-45 days on average—this includes getting preapproved, having your potential home appraised, and of course, acquiring the loan itself. However, there are some periods of the year where it can get busier, and mortgages processing during those periods can take anywhere from 46-60 days in order to fully process. Take these possible time frames into consideration as you plan ahead for finding your home and seeking out a mortgage solution.

What Does Your Reputation Metric Mean?

At TopResearched, we use a Reputation Metric to help inform our readers of a mortgage broker’s trustworthiness, reliability, and even their company ethics. Our researchers determine this by collecting information such as average review scores, social media engagement, and even factors such as recognitions for ethics and customer satisfaction. After gathering the data, we’re able to award a Reputation ranking of Excellent, Good, Average, or Bad—so that you can get a whole picture snapshot of how your experience may be with a certain mortgage broker in Anaheim.

What is Pre-Approval for a Mortgage? How Long Does It Take?

A preapproval can be helpful for someone seeking a home because it signals that a lender feels safe about you as a prospective borrower. Some home sellers even require that you have a letter of pre approval before they’ll consider you as a buyer, which is why getting preapproved can be invaluable on your journey to becoming a homeowner. The process of pre approval usually doesn’t take much time. On average, the process can take around 1 to 3 days. However, during more busier seasons, you might have to wait as long as 10 business days before you get pre approved. Keep in mind, that this is just the beginning of your homeowner’s journey. After pre approval, you will need to get your mortgage properly processed and funded so that you can purchase your home.

Are Experience and Awards Important?

These can be very important! With much experience, a mortgage broker may have a better idea of how to gauge their clients and their clients’ needs, thus helping them determine which loan option may be best for their clients’ needs while remaining within their means. After all, a mortgage is meant to be helpful, not detrimental to a client’s goal of homeownership. While awards are fairly rare for a mortgage broker, those that have earned awards should be greatly considered as those awards are often recognitions of a broker’s customer service as well as their ethics as a business. We highly recommend considering both of these factors and use them to help you choose which mortgage broker may best suit your interests as you’re looking for that perfect home in Anaheim!

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